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Imperial Style
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Khilji dyansty Alai darwaza Tughlaq dyansty Battar Jahanpanah Ferozabad Cities of tughlaqabad Lodi dyansty Double dome structure Tombs of Lodi dyansty Lodi garden

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Lal Kot or Qila Rai Pithora Mehrauli Siri Tughlakabad Firozabad Shergarh Shahjehabanad New Delhi
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  2. IMPERIAL STYLE INDO ISLAMIC ARCHITECTURE Slave dynasty Khilji dynasty e Tughlaq dynasty Lodi dynasty

  3. . Khilji dynasty 1290 A.D. to 1320 A.D. Seljuk style architecture Red stone constructions Prominence of arcuade style Mortar material

  4. EXAMPLE Alai Darwaza Southern gateway of qutub complex o Siri fort o Jamatkhana mosque

  5. . Tughlaq dyanasty Crisis period of architecture Grey sandstone Focus on strength of buildings Less emphasis on decoration

  6. Arch and lintel-entrance design "Battar" construction 03 Sloping walls for more strength

  7. EXAMPLE Jahaanpanah . Ferozabad Cities of Tughlaqabad

  8. . Lodi dynasty Only tomb were commissioned Introduction of the double domes Hollow dome inside the top dome

  9. o Reasons for use of Double Dome To give strength to the structure To lower the inner height of the dome

  10. Tombs of lodi dynasty -> Hard and bare Without lavish decorations Octagonal shape 15 meter diameter Slopingverandah for support