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Imperial Style of Indo Islamic Architecture
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Difference between trabeat and arcude Imperial style Slave dynasty Qutub minar Quwat ul Islam mosque

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Qutub Minar of Delhi is well known to every is one as the tallest brick minaret in the world but Fateh Burj is tallest tower in India. There are few more tallest minar in India located at different cities like Daulatabad,Ahmedabad and Raichur.
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  2. Difference between Trabeat and Arcuade Trabeat Arcuade o Use of lintel in entrance . Arches and domes in entrance Cet

  3. TOP Shikhara on top of the temple Conical or curvilinear Domes on top of mosques Hemispherical

  4. MINAR Minars were absent . Present on four corners of the mosques

  5. BUILDING MATERIAL . Stone . Brick, lime plaster and mortar

  6. Delhi sultanate 1206-1526 A.D Two categories: I. Imperial style Il. Provincial style

  7. Imperial style Patronised by rulers of the Delhi Delhi region

  8. Provincial style: Patronised by local rulers Mandu, Gujarat, Bengal, Jaunpur

  9. o IMPERIAL STYLE Slave dynasty The ilbary dynasty In 1290 A.D. Mameluke style Re Modellings of the Hindu structures

  10. Qutub minar In 13th century 5 storey structure Initiated by Qutb-ub-din-Aibak: ground floor lltutmish: 3 storeys Feroze Shah Tughlaq

  11. Quwat-ul-Islam mosque was converted from a Jain temple Arhai-din-ka-Jhopra