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IELTS Writing Test - Task 1 (General Training)
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Check this video for tips and tricks to score well in writing task 1, for IELTS general training writing test.

Upasana Raj

Unacademy user
Ram was true to his words. word will be used instead of words. why and what is the condition of using plural form of word.
If I am giving academic test, in the writing task 1, is it important to describe the process completed?
Hi Mam, I found the letter example of job application you mention only one paragragh and in tutorial you mention 3 bullet points or 3 paprgragh should be there, please explain this. my 2nd question is In signing off with name, Should we mention our own name or any random name, Please orrect if I'm wrong Yours Sincerely, (Here capital S in Sincerely or small) Syed Faiyaz (should be our name or not) or Your sincerely, ( similarly likes Yours faithfully, here small f in faithfully, why) XYZ

  2. Task IELTS Writing Task >Target is at least 150 words (170-190 words, just to be safe) Invest 15 minutes 2 t0 3 A- 8 1 6 UPASANARAJ-TIPS AND TRICKS TO SCORE IN IELTS

  3. Task Identify type of IELTS letter Style Ending Opening Dear Sir/ Madam Dear Mr. Singh Dear Anita Characteristics To someone you have not met, whose name you don't know To someone you may or may not have met, whose last name you know and use To someone you know well, whose first name you know and use Formal Your faithfully Your Sincerely Semi- formal Inform al Best regards War wishes Take care See you soon All the best

  4. g Task Task Informal Letter You would like to invite a foreign friend to visit you for your birthday. Write a letter inviting your friend. In your letter Tell your friend about your birthday Explain how much the visit would mean to you Suggest that your friend stays at your house for the visit UPASANARAJ-TIPS AND TRICKS TO SCORE IN IELTS

  5. Task Task Semi - formal Letter Your friend has a travel company and would like you to come and work with him. Write a letter replying to your friends offer. In your letter: Explain what you know about your friends company Choose whether you accept or decline the offer Give reasons for your choice UPASANA RAJ-TIPS AND TRICKS TO SCORE IN IELTS

  6. Task Formal Letter You are interested in applying for a scholarship program to study at a foreign University. Write a letter to inquire about the course. In your letter: Explain which course your interested in Tell what you know about the University Explain why you should receive the scholarship UPASANARAJ-TIPS AND TRICKS TO SCORE IN IELTS

  7. Task Letters aim at > Complaints >Making arrangements Invitations Applications >Request Explanation Informative Apology UPASAN A RAJ-TIPS AND TRICKS TO SCORE IN IELTS

  8. Task "Plan and then convert them to sentences" Read the instructions >Decide how to open a letter >Think about the language Identify the style of the letter > List points you need to pen down in the >Decide how to close the letter letter Plan the number of paragraphs >Plan content of each paragraph >Plan what information, for each bullet Start Writing point UPASANARAJ-TIPS AND TRICKS TO SCORE IN IELTS ARAJ-TIPS AND TRI B IN IELTS

  9. Task Structure and Paragraph Structure 1. Title 3. Body paragraph 1 (one point with detail) 4. Body paragraph 2 (another point with detail) 5. Body paragraph 3 (final point) 7. Sign off with a name (choose a name) 2. Opening statement 6. Closing statement (if required) >Paragraphs are mandatory UPASANA RAJ-TIPS AND TRICKS TO SCORE IN IELTS

  10. Task ng Task Letter openings > "I am writing this letter with regards to > "I am just writing to say..." "I am just writing to say... "I hope you and your family are all well. It was such a pleasure to see you again last year. We sure had a great time catching up with each other after so many years. You have always been a cherished friend, no matter how much of a gap there has been since graduation. Anyway, the reason Im writing is that I ave some good news - Lam getting married this summer UPASAN ARAJ-TIPS AND TRI TO SCORE IN IELTS

  11. Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing in regards to the City Museum shop job vacancy which was published in the daily newspaper last week. I would like to apply for the post of assistant manager and please consider me as a deserving candidate for this position. I am an educated youngster with high management skills and good knowledge of history. I have a five years degree for management and marketing from the University of Wales. Apart from that, I am currently working as an assistant manager in a private sales company on weekdays. I have four years of experience in marketing in my current job and also, six years of previous experience in several private companies. I have managed well because of my knowledge of three different languages. As I am available in full-time on holidays, I would like to join this shop and enhance my experience further more in sales and marketing field as well as the history. I have attached my CV here with this letter. If you find it suitable for this position, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you in advance. Yours Sincerely, Upasana Raj. UPASANA RAJ- TIPS AND TRICKS TO SCORE IN IELTS

  12. "Practise makes a man PERFECT..." 39 Good Luck for your test...See yaa! UPASANARAJ-TIPS AND TRICKS TO SCORE IN IELTS