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Idioms and Phrases with 'K'
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In this lesson we will be talking about Idioms and Phrases with alphabet 'K'.

Sanchit Gupta
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Unacademy user
it's really interesting to learn idioms ..sanchit good job
Sanchit Gupta
2 years ago
Thanks Kajal. Your appreciation matters a lot. :)
  1. Learn ldioms and Phrases Important Idioms and Phrases for CAT, GMAT and GRE Exam Preparation. Lesson 16: Idioms and Phrases with 'K" Created by Sanchit Gupta -A rightreserved and copyrighted

  2. Keep to -stick to Ex. Keep to the standard formula given. Keep up with to keep pace with Ex. If you wish to keep up with the world, regular reading is a must. Kick up the dust -to create disturbance Ex. Please do not kick up the dust in the meeting. Kith and kin relatives Ex. All her kith and kins gave her full support. To keep a good table - to entertain Ex. She keeps a good table whenever the guests comes to her house. - To keep a straight face- to avoid smiling or laughing Ex. She kept d straight face all through out the party. Created by Sanchit Gupta -Al rights reserved and copyrighted

  3. To keep abreast of-to be familiar of Ex. I am keeping abreast of the latest development To keep body and soul together to remain alive Ex. He has to have a snack in the middle of the morning to keep body and soul together until lunch time. - To keep one's head to remain mentally calm in an emergency Ex. She kept her head when she found the flats were on fire. To keep the ball rolling-to maintain interest of a conversation Ex. He can be relied on to keep the ball rolling at parties. - To keep one's head above water - to tide over difficulty, to escape debt Ex. We are not making lot of money in the shop but we are keeping our heads above water. Created by Sanchit Gupta -Al rights reserved and copyrighted

  4. - To keep the powder dry - to be ready for any work Ex. In the office he keeps the powder dry To keep the wolf from the door- to keep away, hunger and starvation. Ex. The job which l have will help me to keep the wolf from the door. - To keep up appearances- to maintain outward show Ex. They haven'thave much money but they buy expensive clothes in order to keep up appearances. without prior notice, the passengers kicked up a row at the airport in the competition factory? - To kick up a row - to make a great noise Ex. When the flight was cancelled To knock down - to defeat Ex. He was very angry when he was knocked down - To knock off to reduce, stop working Ex. What time do you knock off in this Created by Sanchit Gupta -Al rights reserved and copyrighted