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Idioms and Phrases - Vocabulary 1 (in Hindi)
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welcome to unacademy application I am Dimanshu kalra as a verified English educator on on again today and started new course that is known as IDIOMS & phrases expert so watch it and follow me on unacademy.

Dimanshu Kalra
Hi, I am Dimanshu kalra.My dream always to join a forces.and I had cleared many defence let I tried help for those candidates.

Unacademy user
Jay hind sir navy aa v ssr k lye
Dimanshu Kalra
5 months ago
Yes afcause
Dimanshu Kalra
5 months ago
U can do it abhayraj and plz share my course to ur all frnds
Sir army clerk Ka
Dimanshu Kalra
7 months ago
Yes afcause yah helpful h or bhi candidates ko bolo vo bhi tha aake tayari kr sakte h
  1. unacademy Follow me on the Unacademy 2.-7k 4-9 Dimanshu kalra Educator since Jarnuary 2019 Hi, 1am Dimanshu kalra.My dream always to join a forces and I had cleared many defence let tried help for those candidates earning App 176 3 Folowers Following Counes Follow Get updates about new courses Watch all my lessons .Download slides and watch offline All courses (4) HINDI VOCABULARY (Hindi) Vocabulary Expert:CDS AS1.3k viows7 days ago Dimanshu kaira 59 Dimanshu Kalra HINDI CURRNT AFYAR CAPSULES (Hindi)CDS: Current Affair Experts 50 384 views Dimanshu kara 13 A HINDH COMPLETE CRASH COURSE (Hindi) Subject- Verb (Syntax):UPSC CDS

  2. IDIOMS & PHRASES Vocabulary Expert

  3. IDIOMS & PHRASES 4 o All eye for an eye - rarT ( fif for that) At sixes and sevens- -A fish out of water- An apple of discord 5 oA man of straw

  4. IDIOMS & PHRASES -A Black sheep-HTHETR -At a stone's throw-anh KWT oTo add a new feather in one's cap HTTT At the first blush-Tat o A square deal - $HGTRT -A Chill to the heart- ( TZT3T

  5. IDIOMS & PHRASES d person- Tan o A close fisfe -A standing joke. HGT -At the end of one's leather-FeFRft rafa T -Around the clock-24 Alter ego- Add insult to injury -h

  6. IDIOMS & PHRASES o Armed to the teeth Apple of one's eye-T - ,TRT tr Acid test afo T All at sea-completely confused o At the outset-31 T

  7. IDIOMS & PHRASES lma mater-thfar TTR At one's wit's End-RTGIIGT An eye wash-EnZT At draggers drawn-Tetaz At logger heads-TRT Rufa

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