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Human Resources: Distribution of Population, Factors Affecting it, and more (in Hindi)
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This lesson deals with distribution of population, factors affecting it's distribution, population change, patterns of population change and population composition.

Arpita Prakash
NCERTs series initiator at Unacademy 'Educator of the Month' for Feb'19 CBSE 0.1% Merit Certificate holder in Mathematics

Unacademy user
Edit : In slide no 13... the pyramid that I have shown actually has this explanation mentioned below. I just heard the audio and found a mistake there. So just thought to correct it myself :) sorry for the inconvenience !! The image here shows that there is high birth rate so the base is large ( more number of kids born) and the death rate is also high ( so less number of elderly ).
Review for this course. (before yearly exam) Student - Mam i poorly flunked in Geography in half yearly exam while Mr.Zebra watch teaching us. i don't want to study it. Arpita Mam - well don't u worry child now m here. (after final xams) student - Mam i got 99% in geography nd Mr.Zebra resigned from school. m thinking to grow up n prepare for IAS. will be taking Geography in optional. Arpita mam - :D :D
Arpita Prakash
3 years ago
This is the most humorous and one of the best comment/review I have received till date. Can't thank you enough for this.. i am glad my courses were helpful to you.. I read your review yesterday itself but was not finding any way out to thank you.. I was just wishing if you would have mentioned the same in comment too, I could have replied. Since we don't receive notifications regrading new comments, I randomly checked this now and came across this one.. Thanks again :)
Mr.zebra left school after that child's result. nd after reading Ur reply He took an oath to not to teach again ever in his life. for now i hv seen him enrolled in Ur awesome course's. :) take care mam a BIG THANK YOU
Arpita Prakash
3 years ago
Hahaha....You just keep making my day ..Thanks a lot :) do tell your real name too :) and take care...Stay blessed :)
thank you man. :) That child's real name is Adarsh Yadav. :D yadav ki jagah Indian, zebra sir ki class mein likhna shuru kar diya tha. k vaise toh paas karenge nahi kya pata Indian surname dekh k pass kar diya kare. meanwhile . Mam you are a fantastically fantabulous human. nd a hey guyzzzz whtsuppppp like awesome teacher said a jobless Mr.zebra after watching Ur 1st course on Reports,Indices&Rankings. stay happy n stay blessed Mam :D
Mam ko man likh diya ye mistake bachpan se zebra sir ki class mein jaane ka nateeja h. sorry h madame ji
Arpita Prakash
3 years ago
Hahaha that's completely alright and understood....You are blessed with this humour element...Keep making people smile because that's one of the best things to do for someone.... Thank you for all your kind words :)
arpita maaam your all the summary courses aare great .................m preparing for upsc cds xam and i feel very confident after viewing ur course thanks a lott maam ,
I just can't thankyou enough ma'am yet thanking you from the core of my heart, I feel so connected with you while you teach, you are heavenly blessed to have this thing in you and I am blessed because I found you on this platform...After roman sir you will be the one whom am gonna admire for the rest of my life :)
Arpita Prakash
3 years ago
Your comments make my day Prachi. I feel more blessed seeing that my hard work is really paying off. Best wishes for your future endeavours. Thanks a ton :)
3 years ago
Hi Arpita Ma’am. First of all thank you for Geography lessons. They are of great help in revising Geography. I was revising geography ncert by watching your videos on ncert for different classes but I did not find any video series for ncert class 12. Ma’am, you are requested to upload ncert class 12 too as it would be very helpful to revise it in lesser time. Thanks.
3 years ago
awesome style of teaching mam
plz... do class 9 Th ncert in Hindi and plz if u possible make course of geography ncert MCQ,its very very necessary and helpfull for the positive outcome of clearing Upsc prelims!!! with out mcq it give 50% productive but with mcq their productivity increases up to 100%.
Arpita Prakash
3 years ago
its done in hindi already
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