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HSSC Important Topics Class 1 (in Hindi)
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Geography of Haryana CLASS-1

Satendra kumar
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Unacademy user
sir,that means depreciation of rupee makes country's current account surplus.. but is value of rupee depriciation favourable for economic growth of country.? because if value of rupee depreciate then it will be less import goods.. so how our industries based on imported oriented will grow...? sir please clear this doubt..
Abhishek Gupta
2 years ago
CAD is not a certain indicator of economic growh there are other factors too. In one way if a country has CAD(not toooooooo much) then it means that country is having high demands i.e. people have money there with them, it means economy is growing there is no slowdown.
Abhishek Gupta
2 years ago
Also as India is having very high population in middle income group, so it is likely to have trade deficit with other countries. Its normal; but if CAD is in India's favour then it will certainly help economy.
Poonam Bamel
2 years ago
@sagar pandey yes, Depreciation can improve current account balance but do not confuse it with favourable economic growth coz imports are comparatively much lesser as compared to Govt. foreign debt which improves with appreciation of rupee (GOI now pays less rupees as interest payments e.g. earlier 70 billion but now only 63 billion). Hope that helps!!