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How to utilise Unacademy ?
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Mudit Gupta is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Mudit Gupta
B.Tech. (ECE), LAMP Fellow (2015), Quora Top-Writer, 2018 and AIR 76 DU LLB Entrance Exam, 2016

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thank you so much sir
Sir Please provide a timetable for working proffesionals, as it is impossible for us to devote 10-12 hours daily. Though the same can be done on weekends.
Hi sir how to prepare for subjects like social justice, social issues, IR, ethics, sci-tech in between
thank u so much sir bcz i was lost and u somehow showed a path by following which i might get success......i have a question sir plz reply if u could do so that i have heard and read from many people and books respectively that before going fr intensive prep one should go through previous year question paper so is it that important ? and would it be a smart move or not ?
The only way to utilise unacademy effectively is to watch your lessons with diligence and complete dedication. Thank You.
Hello sir, as many have requested please suggest time table for working professionals. Thanks

  2. ABOUT ME Born and brought up in Delhi Engineer - Electronics and Communication College- Jaypee Institute of Information - - and Technology, Sector 62, Noida. - CGPA 8.4/10 LAMP Fellow DU LLB entrance = AIR 76 Interests - Writing and Blogging (Quora and Wordpress) Reading about India

  3. DAILY TIME ALLOCATION - 10-12 Hours 6 hours o Static Including polity 4 Hours a Current Affairs 1.5 Hours Revision

  4. 6:00-Getting up !! (Assume) - 7:00-10:oo - Static subject (Subject 1) I prefer static part before the current Personal opinion Rest you can improvise 10:00-10:45-Break Have proper breaks Don't try to sit for long Refresh!! Realize the importance of breaks

  5. 10:45-1:45= Polity (As per 180 strategy) 6 hours of static portion over !! Now sh ft towards current 4 hours - 1:45-2:45- Break Slightly increase the duration of break

  6. 2:45-3:30 = PIB 3:30-6:15-Newspaper/Editorials 6:15-7:00-Yojana 7:00-8:00= break " 8:00-9:30 Revision 9:30-10:00 CSAT!!

  7. HOW TO UTILISE UNACADEMY? - Keep doing side by side

  8. TIME LIMIT? No time limit Till content is good!! If you have understood Don't spend a minute extra

  9. NOTE MAKING FROM UNACADEMY? - Depends on you! Otherwise .Run the video in the slide mode Personal opinion Make notes !

  10. WHICH EDUCATORS TO FOLLOW? - Unfair to name one!! Each and every educator puts equal hard work Depends upon your personal choice!