How to cover Economy for UPSC Prelims in 10 days?

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Vimal Singh Rathore
Travelling gives you 'experience' & teaching 'immortalizes' it. Loves both :)

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Hello sir. Your work on gathering and presenting the information is commendable. But I have several concerns. 1. You're reading whatever is in the slide without any pause, hints and tips etc 2. You're too fast to comprehend. It even one's own thinking process 3. Most of your pronunciations are far from correct. It appears that in a hurry to finish the course, you have not paid any attention to the pronunciation. All these issues are affecting the usefulness if the course. So kindly address these issues. Looking forward to more learning from you
sir ,i am confuse for economy.what to do for prelims 2017.plz suggest sir plz plz
sir i am so confused.economy kese cover karu prelims ke liye.plz suggest me!
sir you asked for 7th edition of ramesh singh but now 9th edition is in the market..and i found mostly 8th edition of this book....plz guide should i bought this but you explain all the strategy according to 7th edition so how to recover over this....please rp sir plz. thank you kamal kant
Sir please make a separate video for which chapter should be covered in Ramesh singh in detail for the new aspirants of 2018.
hello sir plz do take a session on how to study current it is very difficult to remember everything.... so plz tell on which topics emphasis should be given more
will you pls teach in English in your upcoming videos ? I am from Tamilnadu . I could not understand Hindi at all. Most of the south indians are telling they are not able to understand Hindi . So pls teach in English. So whole nation will understand I am not English medium but I don't know anything Hindi at all. I studied in Tamil medium only. So if u teach in English not only me, many of my friends will also understand. More are watching your video in South India But they want in English only. pls share reply sir. This request is not only for u but also for Roman Saini sir. I am waiting eagerly for ur videos in English.
Sir while doing live session Plz talk in English also many r non-hindi aspirants also there
Sir I have Rmesh Singh 6th edition so can you please tell me about the topics that are important to cover as you have told for 7th edition
Rubain S
24w ago Match them from here.
Same topics and chp
Rubain ua link is not directing to site
Rubain thanks for the link man!! too much helpful
thank you so much Rubain S.....
Rubain S
24w ago
Shoiba, copy the link and paste+go on your address bar.
and how to connect static part with the current scenario
sir summary of eco survey will enough or we have to study the whole eco survey book?