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History Mock Test No 1 (in Tamil)
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In this lesson I am explain the answers for History mock test no 1.

Davidraja D
I am Davidraja.. I have 3 Years Experience in Tnpsc Examination.. Target Audience: Tnpsc Aspirants

Unacademy user
India is the largest democracy of the world, we would fail as a democracy if the country's election process is ridden with malpractices. To curb such concerns many committed have been formed for suggesting electoral reforms. Some of them include: 1. A person with any sort of criminal record should not be allowed to file his/her nomination for the elections at any level. 2. Any person contesting an election should have completed at least 5 years of government service prior to the election. 3. Any person contesting an election has to undergo a strict audit 3 times - first at the time of filing nomination, next at an unspecified time during campaign and third right after polling day. 4.Fast track courts to deal with corruption or criminal charges. 5.Stringent audit of electoral expenses. 6.State funding of elections 7.Performance reporting against Election Manifestos by Election Commission. 8.Political Parties Ban on accepting cash donations. 9.Democratic internal party functioning by holding regular elections. 10.recall option should be there if elected MP is not doing well. 11.opinion polls should be regulated deposit should be increased to discourage non serious candidates. Owing to the recent step of demonetisation, huge illicit election funding can be curbed. 1.Inflow of black-money into elections will stop, thus making per-candidate expense on election lower. 2.Cash-for-votes system will come to a close 3.The influence of big money in electoral process will lessen. 4.Drugs, liquor, arms and other items were distributed among voters to lure the voters.There will be a considerable reduction in this. 5.smaller parties which do not have huge election budgets will get a level playing grounds. It is being said that the effect will be visible in upcoming UP elections. Now lavish rally's, bribing voters, using money and muscle power would be difficult for the political parties . But this is just one step, India needs more electoral reforms for free and fair elections this Indrajeet committee recommendations Should be taken into account and effectively implemented.
Deepanshu Singh
3 years ago
Good answer. Mention some EC's and committee recommendations marks 5/10
sir 12 and 11th STD lessons vise questions podunga sir
neega enga irunthu questions edukringa sir?
Davidraja D
20 days ago
From various place