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(Hindi) 6Ps of a good essay and Summary of the course
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This lesson summarises all the important points of the course.

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can u plzz explain 14th point with example???
Yes I shall upload a video soon and will inform you.
aap i.a.s ban gye kya ???
from where can I download upsc cse question papers
thank you sir ,it will help me a lot
sir current affairs k liye magzine kaun c fallow kre
Shukria Sir ji well done for upsc cse aspirants
  1. 6Ps of a good essay and Summary of the course Roman Saini

  2. Mnemonic style essay: 6 Ps Presentation Neatness & clarity straightaway appeal to the reader and can help you maximise score with the same quality of content. Margins, legibility, handwriting, indenting are all essential elements of presentation . Proper selection of subject : Go for scientific, logical and rational topic if in doubt should understand the context and broad theme to be understood and addressed. . Planning: Structuring, arranging, writing and revising. Last 4 pages of the answer sheet- drafting and structuring the essay.

  3. . Proportion: Dividing one's time between the Introduction, Main Paragraphs and Conclusion is equally important. Generally prescribed times are 1/6th of the time to structure, 3/4th to write and 1/12th for revising the essay. . Perspicuity: Clarity of expression and uninterrupted and logical flow of thoughts in paragraphs are another requirements of a good essay. . Persuasiveness: The tone of the assertive and generally positive. Objectively critical at times but positivity and optimism should ooze out from the essay.

  4. Summary . Introduction to the essay should be insightful. It should directly relate to the given topic. Content should be rich, coherent and should all point towards the desired theme. Conclusion should again be insightful. All the points in the essay should contribute towards one single theme. Paragraphs should be in continuity. While detailing out the points in the content, expand the topic and identify the underlying issue. Reach to a more broader level without compromising on the overall focus of the essay . Essay length could be about 1500-2000 words. Each paragraph may contain 8-9 sentences. Introduction/conclusion could take 1-2 paragraphs each. Take the first 15 minutes to understand the topic and the last 15 minutes for revising.