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Please Correct one thing Length of himalayas is 2500 Km long...I wrongly mentioned while teaching as 2500 m long.. Sorry for the inconvenience...apologies for the same...Please Correct the same in notes

Chetan Gaurav
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Unacademy user
mam plz question ko Hindi me likhiye explanation is best
hum,,English wale hai..
i think between video no 16 and 17 something is missing..plz check
yes.... could you find that missing part?
Hello sir...ur teaching way is very intrsting and easy to understand which make everything clear.. Sir, i have q question what is the differnce between the extention of a mountain and a part of a mountain...m not from geo background so rhis lil lil things make me cnfuse....THANKS
Chetan Gaurav
a year ago
Extension of mountain means it is a continuous patch of the original mountain whereas part is also somewhat same, going in very depth of it u can say that they might not be found in continuous patches... Moreover both the terms are same 😊
Pooja Saini
a year ago
Ok sir thnx
very nice explanation sir sir pls clarify my doubts and correct me if I am wrong extend of greater Himalayas are from nanga Parbat (j&k)and namcha barwara (Arun.pradesh),so how called namcha barwa is a Tibetan mountain? secondly,you said Siachen is also as biafo, baltoro,hispar but all these varies in location?and in most places they are given as different glacier of India
Nisar Pathan
7 months ago
UA absolutely right .baltro,hispar,biafo ,saichen is north to south direction of glaciers. More over chago lungma is also glacier in karokoram in range. sir plz correct facts if I'm wrong
To remeber all these names and location was very diff earlier bt now on tips..sir one question...if highest peak in india is asked..and they dnt mention in trans himalays or himalayas thn wt it wid be...k2 or kanchanjunga??
Vishal Singh
6 months ago
so this is very controversial issue , but if UPSC ask the ques then ans will be K2 {as Indian shows that POK is the part of it } but as the world level , i think Kanchanjunga will be the highest
Hi sir, your explanation is top class.. But in this video the explanation about Mt Everest, kanchenjunga, Macalu peak, Dhaulagiri peak were not there.. Have you missed it?
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