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Heat budget of earth and introduction to wind
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Heat budget of Earth and introduction to wind

Kuldeep Singh
* B.Tech in mech.engg. * 2 years of teaching experience * all subjects of ssc exams g.s. special *Co-founder YouTube channel Ours Educati

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The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill - 2016 The salient features of the Bill are: i. Disability has been defined based on an evolving and dynamic concept. ii. The types of disabilities have been increased from existing 7 to 21 and the Central Government will have the power to add more types of disabilities. The 21 disabilities are given below:- 1. Blindness 2. Low-vision 3. Leprosy Cured persons 4. Hearing Impairment (deaf and hard of hearing) 5. Locomotor Disability 6. Dwarfism 7. Intellectual Disability 8. Mental Illness 9. Autism Spectrum Disorder 10. Cerebral Palsy 11. Muscular Dystrophy 12. Chronic Neurological conditions 13. Specific Learning Disabilities 14. Multiple Sclerosis 15. Speech and Language disability 16. Thalassemia 17. Hemophilia 18. Sickle Cell disease 19. Multiple Disabilities including deafblindness 20. Acid Attack victim 21. Parkinson's disease
Amit Baghel
2 years ago
well done Arijit (Y)
  1. Heat Bedaot at Earth. ser Max,Temp Recorded 58 at Asizia_byq rin. Olo NCRT Dala - Nuclear UN Earth Su face 5W Li 27 Un unit 17omit here 51 Onit

  2. target audience:- upsc ,ssc,hpsc,and all other state level competitive exams By kuldeep singh (Geography) about me B.TECH. in mechanical engineering over 3 years of teaching experience teach all subjects of ssc and hsso motivate me by :- Like ,SHARE, follow ,comment, rate, review