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Haryana Monuments Part 5
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Faridabad and Karnal are two important cities in Haryana for tourists. Both have their share in the history and have many monuments to visit. All are discussed here in this lesson

Adv Manoj Vats
Practising Advocate a judicial aspirant Want to share my learnings of law so that others can also benefits from that

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Hi Sir, Which book will you recommend for project management? I have studied Project Management by K Nagarajan but after seeing the questions in this video, i am not able to figure out whether i should stick to this book or change. Please give your opinion. With regards, Shashank
Biggest city of Haryana is Balramgarh....and Faridabad is smallest district of Haryana.. pls correct
sir Faridabad is not a biggest district Sirsa is after the creation of Palwal and Charkhi Dadri
  1. Geography of Haryana Haryana- Monuments and Tourist Place pt 5 Presented by Adv Manoj Vats...

  2. Faridabad Faridabad is the biggest city in the state of Haryana. It is amongst the leading industrial hubs making a major contribution to the state's revenue.

  3. Though the city is not as ancient as some of the major cities in Haryana, it has its share in history Some of the tourist spots in Faridabad Surajkund Badkhal Lake

  4. Peacock Lake Dhauj Lake Raja Nahar Singh Palace

  5. Karnal The name of this place is mentioned in Mahabharata. The city is said to have been established by Kauravas for King Karna, who was famous for his generosity and the attitude to give away anything anyone requested of him.

  6. It is also called as 'The City of Daanvir Karna'. The major tourist attractions are Karnal Fort Karnal Lake Miran Sahib's Tomb Kalander Shah's Tomb

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