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Haryana Monuments Geographical Situation (in Hindi)
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Haryana had played an important role in the history of India. A lot of wars have been fought on this land. Indus civilization and other civilizations also prospered on this land. All these events have created a lot of historical places in Haryana.

Adv Manoj Vats
Practising Advocate a judicial aspirant Want to share my learnings of law so that others can also benefits from that

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Abhishek, Could you plz elaborate what kind of freedom was not present in Vijayanagara kingdom as compared to cholas... curious to know
Adv Manoj G your all courses are very ultimate...nice way of teaching. Could you please share all the slides to
Adv Manoj Vats
a year ago
you have to download slides from the App itself. That will require credits which can be earned by watching lessons
  1. Geography of Harvana Haryana- Monuments and Tourist Place Presented by- Adv Manoi Vats...

  2. . Major Cities and Tourist Places of Haryana Haryana is situated in North western part of the country. It is located between 27 degrees 37' North to 30 degrees 35' North and 74 degree 28' East to 77 degree 36'east.

  3. . The state is located at an altitude of 7o0 to 3600 feet above the sea level. . The total area of the state of Haryana is 44,212 sq. kms and the population of the state is 2.54 crores according to census 201.

  4. The borders of the state of Harvana touch Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand from eastern end, Delhi towards the soutlh eastern end, western end touches Punjab, the northern part of Haryana borders with Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan touches Haryana from south

  5. There are many famous cities and tourist destinations in the state. The state is thrived with Indus Valley and Vedic civilization as the state as Banawali site which belongs to Indus valley Civilization.

  6. . Many battles of the bygone eras have been fought at this land that comprises of battles of Panipat and Mahabharata epic was fought in city of Kurukshetra.

  7. The city of Kurukshetra is known for its varied historical events, the numerous battles fought on the land of This is also the city where Arjuna was addressed by Lord Krishna about the Values of Karma that was later inscribed in the Bhagwad Gita at Jyotisar. Kurukshetra.

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