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Grouping of images in Non Verbal Reasoning (in Hindi)
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Problems in grouping of images in non verbal reasoning. Please like, share and follow for further lessons. Thank you.

Sunetra Ghosh
I am a Computer Science Engineer from Jalpaiguri Govt Engi College. I am interested in Coding, Networking, DBMS, Competitive Exam and so on.

Unacademy user
now only i realize..this golden voice is TTS sad
Kartheek Sharma
a year ago
what you are saying I didn't understand could please elaborate
SP Ananthan
a year ago
daily dose ...presentation is created by using text to speech sw..heither to i thought that is human voice:):)
Raju.y Ch
a year ago
OMG her voice sounds soo humen
SP Ananthan
a year ago
Kartheek Sharma
a year ago
ohh is it it's really shocking
how did you realize that ?
SP Ananthan
a year ago
ji 10 days more..concentrate on studies:)
  1. unacademy Grouping of Images in Non Verbal Reasoning By Sunetra Ghosh

  2. 11 w, en- "ne ne-

  3. 3 ve-3, de d 22 S

  4. 3 C 6 9 al Se tLe urces , G s ae nto and C 2, 4, 3

  5. 10 Sol

  6. 2 dl So

  7. 2 3 8 9 d , 3, 2,4,7, 1,3, 9 howe a dtfferu n +-element-". t elemar

  8. 2 Lt 1, 2, 3, imesS tines LineS

  9. 3. a Line sea ment- . u, e, elese.a mes Lin

  10. 9 3 2

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