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Geography NCERT Questions Part 2 (in Marathi)
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NCERT Class 6 Geography

Nikhil dongare
Graduate in computer science MPSC / UPSC मराठी मधून उपयुक्त माहिती मिळवण्यासाठी मला "FOLLOW"करू शकता

Unacademy user
Jatin sir, your daliy news analysis is awesome. I could see the videos interestingly. Actually I will attempt the exam in English but always have a difficulty in English. I lose my interest, when I see English videos. Please make English videos also interesting with simple language.
please...! can u provide ncert's lessons in marathi medium...?
Nikhil dongare
a year ago
प्रयत्न करेन
Nikhil dongare
a year ago
welcome payal
  1. He H

  2. b

  3. c 12I D)

  4. Co (I 206 (V

  5. 13 Je, b35, ) . .-103.p (@l1.9

  6. gel 62-3 343d

  7. 4414- !(

  8. 8 34r -hi mi p