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Geography chapter 6 : class 11 (1)
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Vaishnavi Rathore
Graduated in Bach. of science Teach at root level for conceptual clarity singer,writer,loves playing guitar

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Is there any course from which I could study how to draw graph of any function to find range such that we could easily find range and and I have difficulty in formation of graphs question of other like f(x)=secx/cosx + tanx/cosx sgn(x^2 -4x+5) sgn(cos^2x + sin^2(x+π/3)) sgn:signum fn
Ashish Bajpai
2 years ago
yeah go through Playing with Graphs , I have created two courses that will be helpful , first study understanding function with Graphs then transformation of graphs
the way u r teaching is nice mam, thanks for contribution