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Generalised Conduction Equation
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In this lesson, educator has explained the generalised conduction equation, detailed analysis of thermal diffusivity. Thermal diffusivity is very important term in heat and mass transfer and educator has explained this in a very simple manner.

Harshit Aggarwal
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Thank you sir...very useful
sir, beyond the critical radius how conduction resistance decreases and convection resistance increases?
Sir, bar bar, thuk ko gle me mt utara kre,uski avaj se disturb hote he
in thermodynamics change in internal energy is taking as specific heat at control volume then why they taken as constant pressure???
bhaii kyaa chal rahaa haiii ..kuch bhi samj nhi raha hai...

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  3. CONDUCTION EQUATIONS (20g,2 Heak genejatian is not a Unifosm heek the elemen along x Wake 0% Consides a d esentiaL element of-4uve hea generated element along x the Heat conducted t the .This heak generation occuos in each and ever) fast of bodig

  4. CONDUCTION EQUATIONS Heak conduckeal tmto the ele med + Heat genexakedl within the elesnent = Heak cendacked oar of the element +Rate of clange of inteonal s and 2 directm e OT L-Time tn sec m = Mass of element

  5. THERMAL DIFFUSIVITY -A thermophysical property of a material as a ratio between thermal conductivity of the material and its thermal capacity. 3Op oL = Thermal conductivity Heat Capaci Thermal diffusivity of a material signifies the ability of the material to allow the heat energy to get diffused through the material.

  6. THERMAL DIFFUSIVITY (POINTS TO REMEMBER) Higher the conductivity of material K, or lesser the heat capacity (storage ability of material) Cp, more the thermal diffusivity of material It is a material property Thermal diffusivity of a body signifies how quickly the body can come into thermal equilibrium when the body is suddenly exposed to a change in thermal environment abes f there is no heak g OT : L Laplace equation in T )

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