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Harshit Aggarwal

This unit gives you the outline of the course, understanding the Heat and Mass Transfer. This subject is very interesting and easy to understand. The subject is basically numerical based. You will find lot many numericals in GATE and Indian Engineering Services Examination from this subject. The course includes some of the important topics like modes of heat transfer i.e. conduction, convection and radiation. Then there are detailed lessons like concept of thermal conductivity, fourier law of conduction, conduction through a slab, overall heat transfer coefficient, Conduction through a cylinder, critical radius of insulation, concept of heat generation, fins, black body radiation, radiation properties, Stefan-Boltzmann law, Wien’s displacement law, Kirchoff’s law, shape factor, radiation heat exchange, heat exchanger, counter flow, parallel flow, LMTD, NTU, fouling factor, effectiveness, forced convection, free convection, boundary layer, Reynold No, Prandlt No, Grashoff No, etc. To make you proficient and sound with the theoretical concepts of heat and mass transfer, lessons on objective questions are also there in the course.

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