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GATE Previous Year's Problems-3
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In this lesson GATE problems are discussed related to Motion. Solutions are explained and other important details are also given.

Gaurav Joshi
Mechanical Engineer. Secured AIR 5 in ESE & AIR 47 in GATE. Also cleared BARC,ONGC,ISRO. Worked for BARC, HITACHI.Guitar player & Vocalist

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Renjit P S
a year ago
Very good
in this problem v will be negative as swimmer is moving opposite to what he was moving earlier...if we do this question in terms of vector then v will be negative..
constant speed bola tha sir string ball bale questions me h
sir you are the best teacher I have seen..from your guidance it's possible for me to have command in this subject.. thank you
Sir, no need to use V2=gR and V2=5gR at lowest and highest point. Simply,here in question, We have constant speed at all points(ideally), so even from that answer will be same. Thanks for effort in sharing your knowledge in simplest way
for the water man problem, what we got 3.5kmph is the swimmer's velocity right and to find the velocity in still water we will subtract it with the river velocity which is 1.5kmph. so won't the answer be 2kmph?
Amit Bakde
4 months ago
if we subtract we get upstream velocity
  1. GATE Previous Years Problems-3 (For ESE AND GATE) GAURAV JOSHI

  2. About me GAURAV JOSHI B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering (2010-14) Secured AIR 5 in ESE 2017 Secured AIR 47 in GATE 2017 Worked For BARC in 2017 Taught Physics for JEE in Allen Career Institute and Aakash- Institute from 2014-16 Worked for Hitachi in 2014

  3. S. gure shows a uwhe a wha! retatiug about 0, eds oj 8om/s i 140m/s RespecHve! distance brotham is 30 mm.Ju diamet Heb nm 2, 9, 8 GATE 2015 2marks

  4. 30o 6 from O ^ CAM 2. 4

  5. somm oom But Queshon is for dio meter. ey. D2: 1400mw) ns

  6. Q. A swimmer cou Swim lokm )n 2hours whem susimming alone the ilu susimuwua against he How Aha takes 5 hours for same. Hur aperd in stl woty (in km/hr is) m /hr GATE-20IS)

  7. o km 5 hrs when usa is not sHll wader

  8. A stone of mass m a and of string of dengfh J urhirled in a veutical circle a constant speed . Thu Teusieu in he stviv wiu be maximu wheu i stone is: eMsiCi TAJ AT h top of the cirdle urtev wad d fr p DJ AT h bottom of cirele ouwn om fo GATE-1gg4

  9. Sol AT A AT D Tf Balamee