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GATE-2010 One Mark Questions and Solutions ( Electronic Devices)
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Specially designed for GATE EC Aspirants  Covers previous 10 years (2009-2018) 1 mark questions of Electronic Devices  Detailed solution provided  Related concept has been also explained

Akhilesh PANDEY
B.Tech. in EC, GATE 2017 AIR 18, YouTuber (channel name - STUDENT MODULATOR), 5 years Teaching Experience

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  1. Previous 10 Years (2009-18) 1 Mark Que.&Sol Subject: Electronic Devices Year: 2010 By- AKHILESH PANDEY

  2. About Me BTech. in Electronics & Communication GATE 2017 AIR 18 (EC) 5 Years Teaching Experience Youtuber (channel- STUDENT MODULATOR)

  3. Q.1 At room temperature, a possible value for the mobility of electrons in the inversion layer of a silicon n-channel MOSFET is (A) 450 cm2/V-s (B) 1350 cm2/V-s (C) 1800 cm2/V-s (D) 3600 cm2/V-s

  4. Sol.1 In a silicon n-channel MOSFET, inversion layer formed due to excess electrons near the gate due to applied voltage, At room temperature mobility of electrons and holes for Silicon are un 1300 cm2/V-s Inversion layer formed by minority carriers (electrons) in p-type Gate Metal Oxide Source Drain n-type n-type = 500 cm2 /V-s Hence, mobility of electrons in inversion laver of silicon n-channel MOSFET can be approximately 1350 cm2/V-s p-type n-channel MOSFET

  5. Q.2 Thin gate oxide in a CMOS process is preferably grown using (A) wet oxidation (B) dry oxidation (C) epitaxial oxidation (D) ion implantatiorn

  6. Sol.2 In CMOS fabrication process, oxidation can be done in two ways: Dry oxidation: Si + O2 SiO2 High quality oxide growth: uniform oxide film grown, good dielectric properties Slower oxidation process

  7. Wet oxidation: Si + 2H2O -> SiO, + 2H2 Low quality oxide growth: non-uniform oxide film grown, dielectric propertie:s are not good. Faster oxidation process As the quality of gate oxide is very critical (MOSFET characteristics depend on the quality of gate oxide), so dry oxidation is preferred for gate oxide For field oxide, dielectric properties are not so critical, so wet oxidation is use for it as the process is fast.

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