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Funny memory tricks to remember the list of Fundamental rights
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This lesson contains funny memory tricks which makes it very easy to remember all the fundamental rights of the Indian constitution.

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unvachak noun means...?
Hi, I have one new trick to remember articles 25 to 30. Same words..PMTeaches so I Love Education.. PrimeMinister Teaches so I love education..I think this may helpful to guys who needs English mnemonic for this..
Sourabh Singh
3 years ago
Good creation sister.
Priya Ram
3 years ago
Thank you
Mishall Rajkumar
2 years ago
Hey, it also might be PM sold TILEs
Sir... Pls pls pls pls pls pls do a course on MEDICAL SCIENCE Optional... Pls sir..
Does article 15 provides access to private shops and individuals without any discrimination or only to shops and operated by the State
Mir Mudasir Mir
2 years ago
both: state owned as well as citizen owned
Sir you have outstanding mind, ya I know that without mnemonics mbbs is very difficult but you are more than awesome. Thanks a lot
I am from Northeast and I dont understand a word of Hindi but when my friend interpreted it sounded funny and interesting ...good one ..thanks.
  1. Funny memory tricks to remember all the Fundamental Rights Roman Saini

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  3. Fundament Rights: Overall State believes that in the eyes of law everyone is equal. But reality is that with people with high IQ are free from the exploitation of the societal pressures. They relish their life and do not mind curses even from educated retards. State: Article 12 Law: Article 13 EQ = Right to Equality Free-Right to Freedom Exploitation Right against exploitation Relish Right to freedom of Religion Curses and educated Cultural and educational rights Retards = Right to constitutional remedies

  4. Fundamental Rights: Equality Protection Discrimination * Employment Untouchability Titles Please Don't Eat Unwrapped Toffees

  5. Freedom and Exploitation s6 rights: Speech, Assembly, Association, Movement, Residence, Profession Offences Life and liberty Education Arrest Traffic in human beings and forced labour e Employment of Children (Too much inflation toh Saare AAM aadmi RiP, without any Offence their life is in danger and they cannot get good education too. So they ATE grass)

  6. Freedom of relgion,rl and cducational rignts Freedom of religion, Cutural and educational rights Freedom of conscience, practice (P) Management (M) Payment of taxes (T) Religious instructions (1) LSC (L) s PMT dene se pehle, you need to sav I love education Educational institutions (E)

  7. Constitutional remedies Post mortem room: Dead body was summoned (HC). Junior resident was commanded (Mandamus) to perform PM. However, first of all HOD did not allow him (Prohibited) to perform PM and then quashed all the findings too as his degree was questioned and he was asked on what authority (Quo Warranto) is he a JR. Habeas Corpus Mandamus Prohibition Certiorari Quo Warranto