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Food - Where Does it Come From? (in Hindi)
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Chapter-1 - Food - Where Does It Come From?

Shalu Bajpai
B.Sc from CSJM University.. Perusing Master's.3 Year's Experience as a Teacher. Presently working in steppe tour and travels Youtuber

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ma'am please upload summary of class 7th science
Shalu Bajpai
a year ago
ma'am please upload summary of class 7th science
ma'am please upload summary of class 7th science
  1. Shalu Bajpai Follow Bachelor In Sclence From CSIM University 3 years experience as teacher follow me for Maths and English. Hard work pays off C 336 Thie month wi 11,349 fe 21 courses 1.3k Fows5ng Target Audience . Bank Po . Bank Clerk e SSC CGL/CHSL . Other Comeatitive y Shalu Bajpai By Shalu Bajpai (Hindi) Most Important Vocabulary Part 2 (Hindi) Error Detection On Article:SSC CGL/CHSL 2 Lesson Lesson

  2. Biology- Class-6 Science NCERT

  3. Chapter -1-Food: Where Does It Come From?

  4. Target Audience UPSC and State PCS Aspirants SSC/CHSLAspirants . Other Competitive Exam Aspirants School Students

  5. Food Materials And Sources There is a lot of variations in the food eaten in different regions in India. Plants are the sources of food ingredients like grains,cereals,vegetable and fruits. Animals provide us with milk,meat products & eggs.

  6. Rice Wheat

  7. o Cows, goats and buffaloes are some common animals which give us milk. . Milk and milk products like butter,cream, cheese and curd are used all over the world

  8. oguRt -milk DaIRy PRODUCTS cheese buttea

  9. Plants parts and Animals Products as [oBlants are one source of our food.we eat many leafy vegetables. . We eat fruits of some plants. Some plants have two or more edible (eatable) parts. Seeds of mustard plants gives us oil and the leaves are used as a vegetable.

  10. Carnivores fox wolf lion shark

  11. Omnivores people bear pigs hens