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Food Security in India (in Hindi)
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Food is the most important thing for every living organism. This lesson is all about ensuring food security and the PDS of India.

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Suraj Kumar Gupta
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Amartya sen got the Nobel prize in 1998 for welfare economy .
Amartya Sen was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science in 1998. Research on fundamental problems in welfare economics. Studies of social choice, welfare measurement, and poverty.
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  3. WHAT IS FOOD SECURITY ? Food security has following dimensions 1. AVAILABILITY 2. ACCESSABILITY 3. AFFORDABILITY and it is dependent upon the PDS.

  4. UN says "availability of adequate supply of basic food stuff is food security" Let's add 'access' to it. I will call it 'Entitlement

  5. WHAT AFFECTS FOOD SECURITY? .Natural Calamities Climatic variations Trade barriers . Lack of Infrastructure Corruption Due to these people suffer from Chronic hunger and Seasonal Hunger

  6. INDIAN EFFORTS Green revolution Indira Gandhi issued special stamp entitled 'wheat revolution' . Highest growth was measured in PB & HR.

  7. Production of 0 Rice 91.31 Wheat (In Million Tonnes) 104.32 Pulses 5.54 Coarse Cereals 32.45 37.94 Oilseeds 233.63 253.04 | | Cotton 301.47 2011-12 12-13 13-14 14-15 15-16 2016-17* Sugarcane Source: Ministry of Agriculture PT GRAPHICS Cotton-million bales (of 170 kg, each) ("1st Adv. Est.)3521.63 3 2

  8. BUFFER STOCK Buffer stock is the stock of food grains (e.g. wheat &rice) procure by the government through Food Corporation Of India FCI purchases wheat and rice from farmers with surplus production on a pre determined price which is called Minimum Support Price The purchased grains are stored in granaries or FCI godowns/ warehouses These food grains are distributed in the deficit areas among the poor strata of society at a price lower than the market price which is called Issue Price Fair Price Shops sells it to the people having Ration card

  9. RATION CARDS The Gol issues 3 types of ration cards namely 1. Antyodaya card 2. BPL card 3. APL card On reports of NSSO in mid 70s, 3 important food intervention programmes were introduced 1. PDS 2. ICDS 3. FFW

  10. SOME IMPORTANT PDS SCHEMES SCHEMEE YEAR OF INTRODUCTION TARGET GROUP PDS RPDS TPDS AAY APS Upto 1992 1992 1997 2000 2000 Universal Backward BLOCKS Poor & non poor Poorest of the poor Indigent senior citizen