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Fiscal policy part 1 (in Tamil)
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This contains #Budget facts & information explaination in tamil

Ajith C
Engineering Graduate , Educator , Aspirant , Nature lover

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Mam খুব ভালো লাগলো
Ankita Podder
a year ago
Thank you. Please keep learning.
disinvestment pathi konjam explain pannunga
Ajith C
5 months ago
Simple is like government or private company or institute giveup their share fully or partly against monetary value
Ajith C
5 months ago
Example ONGC is a government enterprises while doing disinvestment it giveup their part it's company shares ( say 15%) onn open market to raise their capital revenue

  2. Public Finance Monetary policy (RBI) Indian Economy Fiscal policy (Ministry Of Finance)

  3. Budget ecepit Expenditure Non-capitalcapital Non-Capital Capital (Revenue). (It's creates asset Repayable. Non-Repayable

  4. Economic survey

  5. Economic survey 1. Ministry of finance Most authoritative and updated source of data on India's economv Economic scenario of the country in the past years and provides an outline for the vear ahead Economic Division of the Department of Economic Affairs * By Chief Economic Advisor Economic survey presented on Union Budget in the Parliment by the Finance Minister First Economic Survey was presented in the year 1950-51 . From 1964 Onwards, it has been delinked from the Budget

  6. Why? It provides the assessment of overall performance of the economy during the year along with the background knowledge of the financial developments in the country * Helps in bette r understanding of the budget proposals Economic Survey nowhere mentioned in the constitution. However, it is now part of the Government Practice to present Economic Survey every year before the budget.

  7. Revenue Capital Reoccurring Asset Nill Liability : Nill Non Reoccurring Asset: Decrease Liability : Increase

  8. Revenue Expenditure | Capital Expenditure Impact Impact: Asset: Nill Asset Increase Liability : Nill Liability : Decrease

  9. I expenditure Revenue. Tax Government enterprises Profit sharing Bonds Disinvestment Salaries Infrastructure building Debt or Interest repayments

  10. Data of preceding year (A) Provisional data of Current year (PE) Budgetary estimate of following year . Budget Annual financial statement

  11. Expenditure 1. Developmental (eg: dams, road, buildings, etc) 2. Non-Developmentall consumptive eg: salaries, pensions, etc.) 1987-88 1. Plan expenditure 2. Non-plan expenditure/

  12. Union Budget Annual Financial Statement has the following heads 1. Statement I Consolidated Fund of India [Receipts and Expenditure: Revenue Account; Receipts and Expenditure: Capital Account] 2. 3. Statement 2 - Contingency Fund of India 4. Statement 3 Public Accounts of India [Receipts and Expenditure] Receipts & Expenditure of Union Territories without Legislature