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Firsts In The World (Male And Female) (in Hindi)
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This course includes important static points for SSC, railway etc government exams in simple language specifically in Hindi and in an easy way. It mainly concentrates on beginners to get them with their basics. It also aims to generate interest among the viewers on the topic and also learning with fun.

Pillai Sruthi P Kumar
Pursuing MSc (botany, Cytogenetics), Mumbai University. Youtuber#sruthipillai. Work as a Biofaculty @MtEducare (reputed institute) Mumbai

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  1. Pillai Sruthi P Kumar ' BSc. Botany (graduate) Graduate (Visharad) in Hindustani Classical Mu Trained Bharatnatyam Classical Dancer. A passionate speaker. . A civil service aspirant. Please do rate, review and recommend if you genuinely liked my will definitely make a difference in my life... Follow me through unacademy app for future notifications...

  2. Objective .This course will complete the remaining three chapters (12th ncert) part by part included in the portion of topic ENVIRONMENT' important for GS section of UPSC exam. The main objective is to explain the concepts as simply as possible, to clear the basics, especially focuses on beginners, and tries to generate an interest among viewers by being more creative. Source 12th ncert

  3. Target audience UPSC aspirants .SSC .CDS Railway etc.



  6. CORRIERE ALARMOM First country to send human to moon- United states of America ranffurter mqc First country to launch satellite in to space- Russia (former USSR) des ano THETIM First country to host the modern olympic games- Greece EUROPE La Gazzetta AFRICA

  7. CORRIERE First president of the republic of Chi Dr. Sun Yat - sen AUSTR Sranffurter Al First city to be attacked with atom bomb- Heroshima (Japan) THETIMES noc- The First radio telescope satellite rid orth La Gazzet was launched in to space- Japan

  8. CORRIERE D ALARMOM First Russian (Soviet) prime minister to visit India - SranffurterA V.I. Bulganin First university of the world- Takshashila/ Taxila university des migu THE TIMES First man to set foot on the moon- Neil Armstrong (U.S.A) La GazzeSport TERSIOR CASE

  9. CORRIERE De @elegraaf: ALARMOM First man to go in to space- Major Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin (USSR AUSTR Sranffurter AO First space shuttle launched- Columbia (April 12, 1981) des nce ger ort First spaceship landed on mars- Viking I (july 20, 1976) a Gazz

  10. ALARMOM First woman prime minister of England- Margaret Thacher if AUSTR Sranffurter Allgemeine First woman prime minister of any muslim country- Benazir Bhutto (Pakistan) a pol migu TIMES First woman prime minister of a countr Sirimavo Bhandarnaike (Srilanka) LaGazzet Sport

  11. CORRIEPE DE ALARMOM First woman cosmonaut in space- Valentina Tereshkova (USSR) Sranffurter Allgemene 81 First woman to climb Mt. Everest- Junko Tabei Japan) . THE Soort First deaf and dumb to cross the Gibraltar- Taranath Shenoy (India) LaGa

  12. De Gelegreaf ERE DE ALARMOM First woman president of UN general assembly- Smt. Vijaylakshmi Pandit Sranffurter Allge First european invader of Indian soil- Alexander, The Great polemque sur des THETIME SF Th Ranger Sport First woman to reach the north pole- Ann Bancroft La Gazze

  13. CORRIERE D De GelegraafaNR First man to compile encyclopaedia- Aspheosis ALARMOM ENCYCLOPEDIA Sranffurterageme The oldest man to climb Mt. everst- Yuichiro Miura Japan) mique sur des nce TIMES First asian to win Wimbledon trophy- Arthur Ashe nge Sport LaGa

  14. ALARMOM First man to win nobel prize for economics- Ragnar Frisch and Jan Tinbergen Srantfurter Aulgemene First woman president of a country Marma Estela I.M. Cortas de Peron The S e First space tourist (male)- Dennis Tito La Gazzetta dell

  15. CORRIE ALARMOM The leaning tower of Pisa Sranfurter Al Italy Imperial Palace Tokyo, Japan pol mique sur des nce IMES FISE The Statue of liberty- ort Newyork, U.S.A LaGazz

  16. CORRIERE elegra Sranffurter Allgemeine Sydney, Australi ALARMOM D Opera House- Celegrapt fe mon Eiffel Tower- Paris, France nilg leinkue sur des nce FISE Great Wall- Che Ae North China, China a Gazz TERSIOR CASE

  17. CORRIERE D Kremlin AUS furter Allgemeine Moscow, Russia Parthenon- Athens, Greece a pol mique sur des nce ISF Pyramid- Ehe New ork & Giza, Egypt 6.3 rt LaGa

  18. CORRIERE D De Gelegraf E Wailing Wall - Jerusalem ALARMOM nfurter Allgemeine Taj mahal - Agra, India pol mique sur The Sloane Rang ictu 1lork Cim The Colosseum- lork eim taly La Gazzetta dello