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Find Cube Roots of a Number in 2 second (in Hindi)
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Shivangi Srivastava is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Shivangi Srivastava
Electronic and communication engineering from RTU |Cleared written of Bank of Maharashtra 2016 | SBI PO 2017| Published national papers also

Unacademy user
Just after looking at cube in the lesson, I got a little feeling of fear. But you made it so simple that it became my strong point now. Thanks a lot.
it's so nice to hear Varun.. that you learnt so well.. keep learning :)
a year ago
Hey Shivangi, I am making a lot of silly mistakes while practising. Is it that I need to be more focused or it happens at the initial stage of preparation?
Hey Varun, this is very noraml at initial stage of your preparation.. but this needs to be improved soon.. give small quizes from various sites and try to compete with topper of that quiz.. this way you can improve your speed and accuracy both :)
perfect...this is what I am looking for...thank you mam
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  3. Simplification Tricks Cubes (13to 153) One's digit of a cube One's digit of the cube root 33 27 43-64 53-125 .63 216 .73 343 83 512 6 93-729 7 8 9 103 1000 113 1331 123 1728 133 2197 143- 2744 153-3375 9 0

  4. Calculating cube root of a Perfect Cube number 5- oliait Qub last -oigit 3.[9261 376 8 21 2>9 3332 32 3 2

  5. Calculating cube root of a number: 3 2140410 4 06102 2406(W 2197 240 6 134

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