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Fill in the Blanks 1 - Overview + a Few Practice Questions (in Hindi)
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This lesson gives you a brief introduction of fill in the blanks and the techniques and tricks to solve also covers a few questions so that you can synchronize with the educator

Sidhant Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sidhant Sharma
Cleared SSC, AFCAT, UPSC CDS .... teaching English since 2015.....teacher by passion....

Unacademy user
book ka pura matter h
Abhinav Singh
a year ago
previous year ka paper hai ok baki aur kya hai ye nhi pta ok
Anuj Kacker
a year ago
yes it's oool previous yr ques btw tq
"youth competition times" karke ek book hai Jo UPP Constable Ki practice set hai usme se "practice set num 2" Ke sare questions hai ye apne bas questions Ka order change kar diya hai baki sab wahi hai
Abhinav Singh
a year ago
ye question sare previous year vdo exam me aa chuke hai so koi bhi book dekhoge question to same hi milega ok
risk nullify .. 😊😊🤗🤗🙏🙏🙏🙏 good morning sir jai hind
Thank you so much for bringing this course.
in last question we can approach from last ,it'll save our time in exam (as there is only one option having "honored" )
Sidhant Sharma
9 months ago
good.....keep it up.....I just need to teach the everyone has his approach.....
Sir afcat k 5-6din reh re h pls english k ache ache course or bna do... Your way of teaching is very much masssssssssssssstttt sir
Sidhant Sharma
a year ago
ok ji.....bataiye kaunsa topic banyen???
sir your tricks r really worked .


  3. The unique style of a it to the desired The teacher must . learner in order to knowledge. )advocate, direct (c) appreciate, focus (e)discover, harness (b)perpetuate, develop (d) absorb, maintain

  4. Not all countries benefit from liberalisation. The benefits tend to and to those with the right education to be able to benefit from the opportunities presented. (a)equally, generate (c)suitably, ascribe (e) Judiciously facilitate first to the advantaged (b)richly, downgrade (d) uniformly, percolate

  5. He has sense of words. Therefore, the sentence he constructs are always rich meaning. (a)profound, pregnant (b)distinguished, loaded (c)terrific, tempted ( (e)outstanding, consistent with (d)meaningful, full

  6. He was an musician, had been awarded the George Medal during the second world war and with the title of Rai Bahadur. (a)outstanding,popularise (b)underestimated, declared (c)accomplished, honored (d)impressive, assigned (e)obdurate, proclaimed

  7. Whether it be shallow or not, commitment is the the bedrock of any loving relationship. (a) expression, perfunctory (b) foundation, genuinely (c)manifestation, deep (d)key, alarmingly (e)basis, absorbing

  8. Many people take spirituality very seriously and about those who don't worrying about them and them to believe (a)think, criticising (b)pride, appraising (c)rationalise,enabling (d)wonder, prodding (e)ponder, venturing

  9. Unless new reserves are found soon the worlds supply of coal is being demand continuing to grow at present rates, reserves (a)peaceful, thought (b)abrupt, hope (c)incessant, consideration (d)fashionable, friendliness (e)intermittent, interpretation in such a way that with

  10. The of the chronic balance of payments deficit which has under three Prime Ministers is very real. (a)temptation, reviled (b)understanding, menaced (c)impact, underestimated (d)obligation, blessed (e)dilemma, plagued the Finance Ministry

  11. Belief that, the free of ideas, people and cultures is essential to the democratic society. a)selection, concurrence (b) interchange, preservation (c)reversal, upholding (d)dissemination, congruence (e)distinction, design of a

  12. Although he is a person, he occasionally loses his (a) quiet, power (b)cheerful, grief (c) balanced, temper (d)thoughtful, anxiety (e)generous, wealthy

  13. The tunnel was so and congested, that we became (a)long, enthusiastic (b)deep, cautious (c)dark,frightened (d) crowded, isolated (e)sharp, worried

  14. the activities of moneylenders could have an adverse impact on those who access to bank credit. (a)encouraging, enjoying (b)permitting, denied (c)confining, entitled (e)curbing, lack (d)promoting, benefit

  15. The budget announced substantial of to critical sectors like education and healthcare. (a)expenditure, capital (b)sanction, initiative (c)allotment, security (d)disbursement, investment (e)allocation, resources

  16. appears to be a small error in the beginning may turn out to be a in the long run. (a)lt, disaster (b)What, blunder (c)That, debacle (d)lt, slip (e)What, incident

  17. Demand and supply do not the same relationship as the one that between height and weight. (a)possess, has (b) Incur, is (c)defend, volunteers (d)bear, borne (e)have, exists 001

  18. If the systemto yield the desired result, tr to the whole procedure in the given sequence. (a)entitles, dump (b)lgnores, reproduce (c)fails, reoperate (d)lmitates, generate (e)equips, encompass

  19. He a wrong act because it was for him to do so due to circumstantial forces. (a)compelled, necessary (b)refused, dangerous (c)did, avoidable (d)committed, inevitable (e)simplified, harmful

  20. Unpredictable of the child could not lead the consultants to any (a)performance, setting (b)belief, judgment (c)operation, purpose (d)behavior, conclusion (e)react, decision

  21. The organization to popularize Indian classical music among the youth which has lost with its cultural roots. (a)endeavors, touch (b)wishes, interest (c)efforts, experience (d) exerts, intrigue (e) need, relation