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Expected Mcqs on Operating System for Govt. Exams (JKPSC/KAS) (in Hindi)
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In this lesson i have discuss about the expected mcqs on operating system

Mohammad Irfan Lone
I Was Born In Kashmir in 1995. Engineer by Education Educator by Profession Youtuber by Passion

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व्यवस्थापक का संधि विच्छेद क्या होगा?
Suman Lata
a year ago
  1. LESSON 6 TOPIC:- Expected MCQ'S on Operating System For Govt. Exams (JKPSC/KAS EXAMS) BY Mohammad Irfan Lone Unacedemy Profile

  2. . 1. Virtual Memory is: a) An extremely large main memory b) An extremely large secondary memory. c) An illusion of an extremely large memory. d) None of The Above

  3. 2. Overlay is: a) A part of an operating system >b) A single contiguous memory that is used in olden days for running large programs by swapping c) Overloading the system with many user files d) None of The Above

  4. 3. Concurrent Process are: >a) process that do not overlap in time b) process that overlap in time >c) process that are executed by a processor at the same time d) None of The Above

  5. 4. Fragmentation is: a) Dividing the secondary memory into equal sized fragments b) Fragments of memory words used in a page C) Fragments of memory words unused in a page d) None of The Above

  6. 5. Kernel is: a) Considered as the critical part of the operating system b) The software which monitors the operating system c) the set of primitive functions upon which the rest of operating systems functions are built up d) None of The Above

  7. 6. Necessary conditions for deadlock are: >a) Non preemptive and circular wait b) Mutual exclusion and partial allocation c) Both of The Above d) None of The Above

  8. 7. Supervisor call: a) it is call made by the supervisor of the system b) are privileged calls that are used to perform resource management functions, which are controlled by the operating system c) is a call made by someone working in root directory d) None of The Above

  9. 8. Mutual exclusion problem occurs between: a) processes that share resources b) processes that do not use the same resources c) two disjoint processes that do not interact d) None of The Above

  10. 09. sector interleaving in disks is done by: > a) the disk manufacturer b) the disk controller cord c) the operating system d) None of The Above

  11. 11. A program: a) is a device that performs a sequence of operations specified by instructions in memory b) is a sequence of instructions c) is the device where information is stored d) None of The Above

  12. 13. Assembler is: a) a program that places programs into memory and prepares them for execution b) a program that automate the translation of assembly language into machine language c) is a program that appears to execute a source program as if it were machine language d) None of The Above