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Expected Mcqs on Input /output Devices for Govt. Exams (JKPSC/KAS) (in Hindi)
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In This course i have discuss about expected mcqs on input and output devices of computer

Mohammad Irfan Lone
I Was Born In Kashmir in 1995. Engineer by Education Educator by Profession Youtuber by Passion

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mam it is 26/100 how it will be 100/26?
  1. LESSON3 TOPIC:- Expected MCQ'S on Input/output Devices For Govt. Exams (JKPSC/ KAS EXAMS) BY Mohammad Irfan Lone Unacedemy Profile :-

  2. 1. Microfilm reader is a: a) COM Device b) MICR Device c) OCR Device d) None of The Above

  3. 2. Offline dev a) A device which is not connected to CPU b) A device which is connected to CPU c) A direct access storage device d) None of The Above ice is:

  4. 3. In which of the following terminals the screen is regarded as an array of pixels, where each pixel is either on or off: >a) Character Map Terminal b) Bit Map Terminal c) RS 232 C Terminal d) None of The Abov

  5. 4. The stack pointer in the 8085 microprocessor is a: a) 16 bit register that points to stack memory locations b) 16 bit accumulator c) Memory location in the stack d) None of The Above

  6. . Who launched IBM's first PC in 1981: a) Dean Cline b) C.B. Rogers Jr. c) David Swenson d) None of The Above

  7. 6. Which of the following company is called Big Blue: a) Microsoft Corporation b) Compaq Corporation c) IBM d) None of The Above

  8. . The first IBM PC did not have any: a) RAM b) Disk Drive c) Port d) None of The Above

  9. 8. Today's computer giant IBM was earlier known by a different name which was changed in 1924. What was that name: a) Tabulator Machine Corp. b) Computer Tabulating Recording Corp. c) International Computer Limited d) None of The Above

  10. 09. In computer, wetware means: a) Human Intelligence b) An organic Intelligence c) Artificial Intelligence d) None of The Above

  11. . If a computer is on but does not respond to a system reset, what i it said to be: a) Dead b) Hang c) Insensitive d) None of The Above

  12. 11. What is the term which represents the use of links between information of all sorts: a) Hypertext b) Hypermedia c) Hyper Card d) None of The Above

  13. 13. The process of starting or restarting a computer system by loading instructions from a secondary storage device into the computer memory is called: a) Duping b) Booting c) Padding d) None of The Above

  14. 16. which of the following functions most like a copy machine a) Portable Scanner b) Flatbed Scanner c) Touch Screen d) None of The Above

  15. 19. Ths reading device is readily used in banks to read the numbers on the bottom of checks and deposit slips: a) MICR b) OCR C) GRE d) None of The Above

  16. 20. which of the following refers to a special type of video camera use for broadcasting images on the internet: a) WebCam b) icam c) eCamera d) None of The Above

  17. 21. devices convert a sketch or a figure into a form that the computer can understand: a) Digitizing b) Plotting c) UPC d) None of The Above

  18. . The most important characteristic of a monitor is its: a) dot pitch b) clarity c)resolution d) None of The Above

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