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Exact Method (in Hindi)
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This lesson is explains some questions based on WKB Approximation by exact method. If you are preparing for CSIR NET in Physical Sciences, GATE , IIT JAM , SET/SLET, JEE etc. like entrances then this course will be very useful. If you liked this course and found useful to you, please give a 5 star 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 to my course and follow me on Unacademy. If you have any doubt, just comment Below any lesson.

Vikas Singh
PhD (ongoing), JRF in first attempt, MSc (Applied Physics) & INSPIRE Scholar. I am co-owner of Fiziks 2 Physics YouTube channel

Unacademy user
sir...thnx for explaining MOET so well
Sir, I have a query, you have put the energy for the turning point only what about the rest of the points?
Vikas Singh
a year ago
there is only one energy becoz other one is zero, so we can use total energy as this form, but this is not true for all other points,
Pooja Rawat
a year ago
Ohk, thank you sir
  1. Welcome to Unacademy WKB Approximation Basic Concept

  2. WKB Approximation Basic Concept due Calculate the energy eg nth glale , Rora PanNaegy ma 'm, moving on poterhal By using o opp oxi maion metho?

  3. WKB Approximation Basic Concept Que3 Calculae the enexgynth Slale -Par a By uing oapproxTmaon method? 0.

  4. WKB Approximation Basic Concept By quanh2aNn energy : Ques calculale the eneynth Slale -per a musde By uding uors approx?maon method? a. mus 0 muaa

  5. WKB Approximation Basic Concept Ques calculale the eneynth Slale -per a musde By uding uors approx?maon method? 0

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