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Event 56 to 60 (In Hindi)
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In this lesson we discussed the most important current events which are very important for our ssc and other exams. We also discussed other exams orientated informations about the topic which Will provide us the complete scenario about each topic so that we can attempt maximum problems accurately in examinations. Please watch the lesson and rate, review and comment also if you have any doubt. Thanks 🙂

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Navdeep Singh Ranawat
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  3. Current Affairs (56 to 60) Presented By: Kunwar Navdeep Singh

  4. Problem: 56 Recently which country unveiled the world's first nationwide 5G mobile networks A. China B. USA C. Japan D. South Korea

  5. Answer: D . South Korea has unveiled the world's first nationwide 5G mobile networks. This has made South Korea to be the first providers of the super-fast wireless technology Top 3 telecom providers namely SK Telecom, KT, and LG Uplus have began their 5G services on 3rd April. .

  6. Problem: 57 Recently Phayeng Village tagged as India's first carbon-positive settlement, village located in which state of india: A. Manipur B. Nagaland C. Kerala D. Sikkim

  7. Answer: A Phayeng, a scheduled caste village of the Chakpa community in Imphal West district of Manipur has been tagged as India's first carbon-positive settlement. .

  8. Problem: 58 Recently latest release of FIFA ranking which team topped: A. Brazil B. Italy C. Portugal D. Belgium

  9. Answer: D In the latest release of FIFA (The Federation Internationale de Football Association) world football rankings, Belgium has edged the World Cup winners France to retain at the first rank. Meanwhile, Indian football team also mounted two places to rank at 101. With 1219 total ranking points, the Indian team lies 18th among the Asian countries while Iran has topped it. Belgium has been followed by France, Brazil, England and Croatia at 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th position respectively. . .

  10. Problem: 59 Recently A book named "Kundan: Saigal's Life & Music", authored by Sharad Dutt released, who was kundan lal Saigal A. Politician B. Environmentalist C. Actor D. Historian

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