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Event 26 to 30 (In Hindi)
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In this lesson we discussed the most important current events which are very important for our ssc and other exams. We also discussed other exams orientated informations about the topic so that we can attempt maximum problems accurately in examinations. Please watch the lesson and rate, review and share comment also if you have any doubt. Thanks 🙂

Navdeep Singh Ranawat is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Navdeep Singh Ranawat
Verified & Plus Educator, Exp.- 5yrs,Current affairs, Daily Mcq, Physical geography, Science, Reasoning, Computer

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boss can you upload deflection method further topics... like moment distribution method matrix and kani's methods
this is absolutely right answer Punnay jee 🙂 keep it up 👍
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  3. Current Affairs (26 to 30) Presented By: Kunwar navdeep Singh

  4. Event: 26 Now from 1st to 7th April 2019 observing as the week of: A. B. C. D. Road Safety Prevention of Blindness Prevention from Tuberculosis Communal Harmony

  5. Answer: B The Government of India organizes "Prevention of Blindness Week" annually from 1st to 7th April to raise awareness regarding the precautions to be taken to prevent blindness. The target of the day is on detection, cure and treatment of eye diseases. . In this regard, campaign has been organized all over the country to provide knowledge about the risk factors that lead to the eye injuries which can cause visual impairment.

  6. Event: 27 Which state of India secured top spot in E-Learning Training for Field Staff: A. Madhya Pradesh B. Karnataka C. Telangana D. Tamil Nadu

  7. Answer:C Telangana has secured the first rank for the second year in a row in the e-Learning training programme of Department of Personal and Training (DoPT), Government of India The training is being imparted to achieve the goal of "training for all". The institute is also mentoring other states to spread the Comprehensive Online Modified Modules on Induction Training (COMMIT) Programme as a national mission . .

  8. Event: 28 Recently an oral cholera vaccination campaign launched in which country: A. South Africa B. Nigeria C. Mozambique D. Venezuela

  9. Answer:C In Mozambique, a vaccination campaign launched after Cyclone ldai battered the nation and unleashed an outbreak of cholera. International relief agencies and the Health Ministry are aiming to immunise nearly 9,00,000 people against the waterborne intestinal disease, which has already killed two people and infected more than 1,400. The vaccinations will be administered at health centres, shelters for the displaced, and at schools and markets. . .

  10. Event: 29 Recently Ms. Lori Lightfoot is in news, she has elected as the Mayor of which city: A. New York B. Paris C. London D. Chicago

  11. Event: 30 Recently RBI cut its repo rate by how many Basis points: A. 30 B. 20 C. 35 D. 25

  12. Answer:??? "Please Answer The Question"

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