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Ethics Case Study: What and Why
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Lesson 1 revised case study what and why

Deepak kumar singh
Teaching is my passion, not only profession. Taught at civil services institute of delhi,allahabad,Lucknow and jaipur.and held a post of aca

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Sir,amazing. I hope it proves to be a milestone for the Civil Services aspirants .congrats sir
प्रणाम सर..! आपकी संवाद शैली और अभिव्यक्ति कौशल इस विषय को रुचिकर और सार्थकता प्रदान कर रहा है.!यह एक बेहतरीन व्याख्यान है आपका...जो आपसे दूर हैं...उनके लिये आपसे इस माध्यम से जुड़ना उतना ही प्रभावी है जितना कि क्लास प्रोग्राम..
अति सार्थक पहल .सिविल सर्विसेज की तैयारी करने वालों के लिए वरदान साबित होना चाहिए.
Thanks to enlighten us through your quality education . Nice approach and very useful for us

  2. ABOUT ME Teaching is my passion.not only profession.. Taught at civil services institute of Delhi, Ahamadabad, Allahabad,lucknow,and Jaipur and held a post of academic director of 3000 plus civil services aspirant academy Great privilege to being mentor of more than 6oo plus IAS And PCS,including 7 all india toppers of upsc and state public service commission Writing books in the subject of ethics and polity through Macgrahill publication,forthcoming book in 2018 on ETHICS. Appeared in civil services examination and faced the downsizing era of 1998-2002.and was university toper in philosophy M.A Awarded 4 times by Times of india ,Jagran and Hindustan times group through GOVERNOR, depty chief minister,editior and district magistrate for excellence in education field in 2014-2017 WISHING THE best is yet to come

  3. After listening this lesson,you would be able to: CASE STUDY Weightage and importance of case study preparation LESSON-1 eUnderstand what is case study Analyse why case study is included Understand What sort of case studies will be asked?

  4. e Year, No. Of questions and weightage Case study as a assessment methood Purpose:assessment of attitude and CONTENTS Lesson -1 approach of candidate,for the assessment of aptitude and decision making ability Kinds of case studies

  5. Case study :weightage and importance in GS Paper-IV Year and number of questions 2017,6Case study 2016, 6Case study 2015,6Case study 2014,6Case study e Marks and weightage . 120 (4890) . 130(52%) +130(52%) . 120(48%) . 125(50%) .2013,6casestudy

  6. So,weightage of the case study in the GS PAPER IV Ethics is around half of the 250 marks,ranging some where 120- 130 marks ,and fluctatating 48-52%.

  7. Case study is an assessment method. What is case study? e Case study is in-depth study of the individual in terms of his/her attributes. .Several methods are used for psychological assessment.such asPsychological test,Interview,Observation,Self report. e Case study is one of them.

  8. Let consider the following case study of IAS 2013 Mains: You are heading a technical institute of the country.The institute is planning to convene an interview panel shortly under your chairmanship for selection of the post of professors.A few days before the interview, you get a call from the personal seceratory (PS) of a senior government functionary seeking your intervention in favour of the selection of a close relative of the functionary for this post.The PS also informs you that he is aware of the long pending and urgent proposals of your institute for grant of funds for modernization, which are awating the functionary's approval.He assures you that he would get these proposal cleared This case study is assessing you, as a head of a technical institute and chairman of selection panel,whether you have attributes of INTEGRITY,OBJECTIVITY AND SELFNESSLESS or not.If you incline to accept the proposal and appoint the close relative of the functionary,that will show you don't have these attributes

  9. Holders of public office should not place themselves under any financial or other obligation to outside individuals or organizations that might influence them in the performance of their offcial duties.(Nolan commitee) Integrity refers to honesty in the discharge of the official duties.(UN) INTEGRITY Integrity is putting the obligation of public service above your personal interest.(UK)

  10. Civil services should be guided solely by public interest in their official decision making and not by any financial or other consideration either in respect in themselves,their families or their friends.(2nd ARC) INTEGRITY

  11. Selflessness . Holders of public office should take decisions solely in terms of public int erest.They should not to do so in order to gain financial or other material benefit for themselves,their family or their friends.

  12. GS:PAPERS . Other Papers of the GS (Such e GS PAPER OF ETHICS as:Paperl,PaperlI,PaperlII.) e What do assess thev? Intellectual Traits e Depth of understanding . Range of Information and Memory . What does asses this? Attitude Approach e Aptitude Integrity

  13. CASE STUDY KINDS 1.Integrity Related case study FROM THE CANDIDATE ASSESMENT 2.Probity in public life related case study OUTLOOK 3.Problem solving case st 4.conflict resolution case study udv

  14. 1.Human Values . 2.Attitude e 3.Aptitude and Foundational values e 4.Emotional Intelligence 5 Contributions . 6.Civil Services values CASE STUDY KINDS FROM THE SYLLABUS OUTLOOK 7.Probity in Governance