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ESE 2018 GS Paper Solution Part-6
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In this lecture Pawan Saini have discussed Engineering Services GS Paper questions solution from question no 39 to 47.

Pawan Saini
Manager PSU, Worked @ SAIL, Cleared GATE 2012, 2013, SSC JE, CDS, AFCAT, BARC. Best of luck for ESE Prelims.

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दिसम्बर के विडियो भी डालो सर plz
  1. 19.6 Engineering Services 2018 GS Paper Solution Part-6 Presented by PAWAN SAINI

  2. PAWAN SAIN ABOUT ME PAWAN SAINI Oriental Institute Of Science and Technology Bhopal ASSISTANT MANAGER IN RITES (A PSU under Ministry of Railways) Joined in 2013 posted at NTPC Sipat Project Previously Worked at SAlIL Bokaro Love to do Social Service Travelling Teaching Spiritual Activities IRIMEE DLW ICF IRITM TKD GOLDEN ROCK SAIL NTPC CIL BHEL

  3. ESE 2018 GS Paper Solution Let the sum of the squares of successive integers o, i. 2. -.- n -i, n be denoted by S Let the sum of the cubes of the same integers be denoted by C. It is desirable that S 39 as n increases in steps of unity' from zero, is given by the series: O 3 9 18. 3O 1 35 What will this ratio be for n 8 ? (for n = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4,-.) 7 108 17 103 15 103 17 100 15

  4. Ans. a) LS

  5. ESE 2018 GS Paper Solution ust below window-sill level he plan view at below but not showing door openings - is shown an outpost building of, say, the Fo Department. Section AA extending just a little above ground level GL and fully below level is shown. The wall and first footing are of random-rubble masonry in cement mortar-. and the lowest part ot the loundation is o mass rubble in cement mortar. The total volume of the 40 cm deep footing for the whole building is, nearly 40. T Inner dimensions 3.5 m 5.0 m; and wall thickness = 30 cm throughout re grounc (Not to Scale) 30 cm - GL 40 cm 40 cm (a) 3-8 m3 (b) 3-3 m3 (c) 2-8 m3 -30 c 45 cm 70cm Section AA - (d) 2-3 m3

  6. Ans. b)

  7. ESE 2018 GS Paper Solution How much sulphur is required per 100 kg of final rubber product to completely crosslink butadiene rubber? 41. (a) 17 kg (b) 27 kg ! (c) 37 kg (d)47 kg

  8. Ans. c) The average weight of butadiene per mer is = 6 Hydrogen atoms* 1 g/mole + 4 carbon atoms* 12 g/mole = 54g/mole Fraction of Sulphur in butadiene rubber = 32/(32+54)=0.372 For 100 kg of butadiene rubber, the required sulphur is 37.2 kg

  9. ESE 2018 GS Paper Solution 42. Which one of the following is termed as / sacrificial protection of metal? (a) Galvanizatiorn (b) Tinning (c) Organic coating (d) Inorganic coating

  10. Ans. a) &Sacrificial coating is a method of corrosion control by applying a thin layer of a metal having lower (than the protected metal) value of electrode potential (higher position in the table of Electrochemical series) The most common example of sacrificial coating is galvanized steel (steel coated with zinc)

  11. Ans. b) Babbitt metal is used for bearing.

  12. Ans. b) In physics and materials science, the Curie temperature(Tc), or Curie point, is the temperature at which certain materials lose their permanent magnetic properties, to be replaced by induced magnetism.

  13. Ans. d) The Hall effect is the production of a voltage difference (the Hall voltage) across an electrical conductor, transverse to an electric current in the conductor and to an applied magnetic field perpendicular to the current. It have got a wide applications like finding the type of semiconductor, find the electrical conductivity of material, determine the carrieir concentration, find the mobility of electrons, find the drift velocity etc..

  14. ESE 2018 GS Paper Solution 47. Which of the following sets of free software tools are suitable for ICT-based education as well as an open source? (a) Scilab, Osdag, PHP and Latex (b) Java, LibreOffice, Audacity and Matlab (c)-i Scilab, Arduino, LibreOffice and Latex (d) Scilab, Octave, Netduino and Latex

  15. Ans. c) Confusing not sure. Scilab is an open source, cross-platform numerical computational package and a high- level, numerically oriented programming language. Arduino is an open source computer hardware and software company, project, and user community that designs and manufactures single-board microcontrollers and microcontroller kits for building digital devices and interactive objects that can sense and control objects in the physical world