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ESE 2018 GS Paper Solution Part-12
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In this lecture Pawan Saini have discussed Engineering Services GS Paper solution from question no 85 to 100.

Pawan Saini
Manager PSU, Worked @ SAIL, Cleared GATE 2012, 2013, SSC JE, CDS, AFCAT, BARC. Best of luck for ESE Prelims.

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  1. 19.12 Engineering Services 2018 GS Paper Solution Part-12 Presented by PAWAN SAINI

  2. PAWAN SAIN ABOUT ME PAWAN SAIN Oriental Institute Of Science and Technology Bhopal ASSISTANT MANAGER IN RITES (A PSU under Ministry of Railways) Joined in 2013 posted at NTPC Sipat Project Previously Worked at SAIL Bokaro Love to do Social Service Travelling Teaching Spiritual Activities IRIMEE DLW ICF IRITM TKD GOLDEN ROCK SAIL NTPC CIL BHEL

  3. FSF 2018 GS Paner Solution Consider the following statements! Non-performing assets (NPAs) decline in 85. value when 1. Demand revives in the economy. 2. Capacity utilization increases 3. Capacity utilization, though substantive, is yet sub-optimal. 4. Capacity utilization decreases consequent upon merger of units. Which of the above statements are correct? (a) 1.3 and 4 only (b 1, 2 and 4 only (e) 1, 2 and 3 only (d) 1. 2, 3 and 4

  4. Ans. c)

  5. ESE 2018 GS Paper Solution 86. The meaning of Carbon Footprint' is described by the amount of (a) Carbon dioxide released into thie atmosphere as a result of the activities of a particular individual, organization (b Greenhouse gases emitted by industries (c) Carbon emissions released by the (d) Increase in the carbon content of the or community contributing to global warming burning of jet fuel atmosphere due to the felling of trees

  6. Ans. a)

  7. ESE 2018 GS Paper Solution What is Crowdfunding? 87. (a) Money collected for public welfare projects by levying an entry fee to exhibitions, shows, etc. Money collected by charitable organizations by placing a donation box (b) at prominent locations (c) Money raised by innovators and inventors by launching their products and services through the Internet (d) Money raised by individuals by passing the hat around to onlookers at a street periormance

  8. Ans. c) Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet Crowdfunding is a form of crowdsourcing and of alternative finance.

  9. ESE 2018 GS Paper Solution 88. The sum of squares of successive integers 8 to 16, both inclusive, will be (a) 1126 (b) 1174 (c) 1292 (d) 1356

  10. Ans. d) Thus, the sum of the squares of first n natural numbers = {n(n+ 1) (2n+1 )76.

  11. ESE 2018 GS Paper Solution 89. Consider a trapezoidal lamina ABCD, with AB parallel to DC, 6 cm apart; AB is 8 cm; CD is 12 cm; CD extends outwards by 1 cm from the foot of the perpendicular from B on DC The centre of gravity of the lamina will be (a) Along AC at a height of 3 cm from D (b) Along BD at a height of 3 cm from DOC (c) Along the line joining the mid-point of- AB to the mid-point of DC; at a height of 2-8 cm from DOC (d) At the intersection point of AC and DB

  12. Ans. c)

  13. Ans. b) Not sure confusing.

  14. ESE 2018 GS Paper Solution 2+37x-50=0is 92. The equation, x3 - 8x' + 37x factored and it has (3 + 4i) as one of its roots. What is the real root of this equation ? (a) 2 (b) 4 (c) 6-5 (d) 13

  15. Ans. c)

  16. ESE 2018 GS Paper Solution The 12 digits on the face of a clock are to be represented employing contributions of only the number 9 as either 9 or /9 prescribed conditions are (i) the least number of uses alone are permitted; and (ii) whe alternates are possible, use of preferred over use of V9, which should be used minimally. How many times would V9 have to be used ? 94. . The other sible, of 9 will be 6 (b) 5 (c) 4 (d) 3 a.

  17. Ans. b) Example: 1 = 9/9, 2-9+9/9, 3-V9, 4-v9 +9/9. 5-N9+ 9+9 /9 '6= 9-v9 , 7= 9-949/9, 8-9-9/9, 9e9, 10-9+ 9/9, 11=9+ 9+9/9 , 12-9+ 9

  18. Ans. d) A+B= 100, C+D= A, B= 4D, D= C-10, C= D+10, A= 2D+ 10, A+4D 100. Solving the equations you will get the value of C which is 25.

  19. 96. In a project there are 9 activities : A, B, C, D which are sequential; E, F, G which are sequential; H, K which are sequential. Also E, F, G run parallel to B, C. D; and H, K run parallel to A, B, C, D. Besides these activity dependencies, it is also needful that B be completed before taking up G; A and H be completed before taking up D and K. How many dummies are to be drawn on the activity network? (a) 5 (b)4 (c) 3 (d) 2

  20. ESE 2018 GS Paper Solution What is the form of the function ffx) for the following data? 97. 0 2 3 (a) (b) (c) (d) fx)3 61118 x2+2x+3 x2- 2x +3 x2+2x- 3 x2- 2x - 3 16

  21. ESE 2018 GS Paper Solution 1 2 2 98. Let the Eigenvector of the matrix of the matrix 1 1 written in the form and What is the value of (a b)? (b) 1 (c) 1 (d) 2 2

  22. Ans. b)

  23. ESE 2018 GS Paper Solution 99. What is the cube root of 1468 to 3 decimal places? (a) 11.340 (b) 11-353 (c) 11-365 (d) 11-382

  24. Ans. c). It would be solved by Newton rapson method.

  25. Ans. a)