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Error Detection - verbs : lesson 1 (in Hindi)
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This lesson teaches you how to attempt tough questions with accuracy and also gives you a thorough practice session

Sidhant Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sidhant Sharma
Cleared SSC, AFCAT, UPSC CDS .... teaching English since 2015.....teacher by passion....

Unacademy user
ma'm my name is Mohd nizamuddin from Telangana , I came from completely Telugu medium up to graduation , I get confusion while my preparation so please help how to develop English
Niharika John Mehra
10 months ago
Hi, start from basic. Go through middle school or high school grammar books. Don't rush into learning advance level. Cover one by one topic and solve questions of same.
sir Kya in sb ke notes bnane zaruri hai
hello sir, he remembered that his visa will be expired in a month .... sir bolne mai it looks fine 1! can please elaborate the error sir
Sidhant Sharma
6 months ago
Yes as remembered is in past and will is in future.....then this combination will not work........clear????
Sidhant Sharma
6 months ago
Directly past se future saari sense kharab Kar dega
Raman Grover
6 months ago
clear sir 🙏


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  6. (a) The university was/ (b) found in 1980/ (c) when India was not self dependent in many aspects./ (d) No error.

  7. (a) He was borne of poor parents,/ (b) but brought up/ (c) in a rich family./ (d) No error.

  8. (a) Our knowledge of history does not come to our help/ (b) and sometimes we even fail to remember/ (c) who invented Africa./ (d) No error.

  9. (a) He remembered/ (b) that his visa/ (c) will be expired in a month/ (d) No error.

  10. a) I wasn't/ (b) at the last meeting and/ (c) neither was you/ (d) No error.

  11. (a) In any case no disciplinary action/ (b) are required/ (c) to be taken/ (d) No error.

  12. (a) The capital of austria/ (b) is situating/ (c) 2190 metres above the sea level/ (d) No error

  13. (a) Mohan was so inquisitive/ (b) that he rose many/ (c) questions in the class ./ (d) No error.

  14. (a) I keep my mind cool/ (b) and never lost my temper/ (c) even when provoked/ (d) No error

  15. (a) He lied on the grass/ (b) for hours/ (c) enjoying the cool weather ./ (d) No error.

  16. (a) He was borne of poor parents,/ (b) but brought up/ (c) in a rich family./ (d) No error.

  17. (a) He lay his luggage/ (b) aside and lay down/ (c) to rest for a while./(d) No error.

  18. (a) When calamity fell the villagers , (b) they faced it/ (c) courageously./ (d) No error

  19. (a) The timid creature was driven/ (b) into a narrow lane/ (c) where it was kill by the kidnapper./ (d) No error.

  20. (a) When the company offered him a car on his retirement/ (b) he refused to/ (c) agree it ./ (d) No error.

  21. (a) sohan need not/ (b) to come here/ (c) as it is getting dark./ (d) No error.

  22. a) I use to/ (b) play badminton/ (c) when I was 12 year old./ (d) No error

  23. (a) He dare/ (b) not to/ (c) go there/ (d) No error.

  24. a) Run fast/ (b) lest you/ (c) will miss the flight/ (d) No error.

  25. (a) He hoped/ (b) that he will/ (c) pass the exam with flying colours./ (d) No error.

  26. a) Rama must not to/ (b) have treated his mistress/ (c) like that./ (d) No error.

  27. (a) Waste material/ (b) should be recycle/ (c) if possible/ (d) No error.

  28. (a) The police think/ (b) that he may be there/ (c) yesterday at the scene of crime./ (d) No error.

  29. r. (a) If you get good marks/ (b) I shall happy/ (c) as much as you./ (d) No error.

  30. (a) It is very cold here/ (b) I should bring/ (c) my woolen clothes but I didn't./ (d) No error

  31. (a) I think/ (b) the news/ (c) might true./ (d) No error.

  32. (a) If your jogging clothes/ (b) were not made of/ (c) permeable fabric you will drown/ (d) in your sweat.

  33. (a) In any case no disciplinary action/ (b) are required/ (c) to be taken/ (d) No error.

  34. (a) Owing to the heavy rains,/ (b) the ship drowned/ (c) in the middle of the ocean./ (d) No error.