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Environmental Pollution (Introduction), OPSC/UPSC (in Odia)
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This lesson is all about the Introduction of environmental pollution. Some basic parts of environmental pollution are discussed in Odia language. I hope it will be helpful for the learners.

Charles Mundari
✔Hi, I am Charles, From-Odisha, Teaching is my passion, 3yrs of teaching experience & Now working with UNACADEMY to educate India.

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4/5 and 3rd was correct . questions were moderate level
Great work..keep it up.
Charles Mundari
7 months ago
Thanks sir.
very helpful lesson.
Charles Mundari
7 months ago
  1. ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION Part I- (Introduction Presented by: Charles Mundari (In ODIA)

  2. OBJECTIVES OFTHIS LESSON: Its objective is to identify the type of pollution, sources, their impacts and control measures. To save our environme precautions. This is useful for UPSC CSE, State PCS, and other competitive exams. nt by taking suggestive

  3. ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION: e Pollution is defined as an addition or excessive addition of certain materials to the physical environment (water, air and lands), making it less fit or unfit for life. It may be- Air pollution, water pollution, Soil pollution, Noise pollution, Radioactive pollution, Thermal pollution, Plastic pollution, E-Waste etc.

  4. POLLUTANTS: Pollutants are the materials or factors, which cause adverse effect on natural quality of any component of the environment For example, smoke from industries and automobiles, chemicals from factories, radioactive substances from nuclear plants, sewage of houses and discarded household articles are the common pollutants

  5. CLASSIFICATION OF POLLUTANTS: Existance Disposal nature Origin Persistence Quantitative pollutants: Biodegradable These occur in nature and Pollutants: become pollutant when their concen beyond a threshold level. action. Ex- sewage Ex- CO2, nitrogen oxide. Non-biodegradable Qualitative pollutants: Pollutants: pollutants are activity. Ex- sulphur dioxide These are formed by these are man-made. Ex Fungicides, DDT etc Natural pollutants: which are produced by Primary pollutants: These persist in the form in which they are added to the environment. Ex- DDT and plastic. Secondary pollutants: Waste products which are nature tratin reaches degraded by microbial Anthropogenic pollutants: which are produced by man-made not degraded by microbial and Nitric oxide action. Ex- plastic, glass, DDT, salt of heavy metals and radioactive substances etc interaction among the primary pollutants. Ex- peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN) is fromed by the interaction of nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons

  6. CAUSES OF POLLUTION Uncontrolled growth in human population. Rapid industrialization Urbanization. Uncontrolled exploitation of nature. Forest fires, radioactivlty, volcanic eruptions, strong winds etc.