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Environment and Ecology Part 1.4
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On heavy demand, Roman Saini restarts with the Environment and Ecology. In this video, he deals with light and soil. In this video, Dr. Roman deals with the types of soils according to ICAR and their region wise distribution in India: Red soils - porous & friable, Laterites and Lateritic soils, Black soil: Black cotton soil/ Indian Regur Soil, Alluvial soils: most fertile soil on Earth, Forest soils/Hill soils, Desert soils: Lack of H2O, Saline & Alkaline soils: Infertile, Peaty and Marshy Soils: Kari Soil, Soil erosion, Causes of Soil erosion, Special Phenomenon of Solifluction/ Soil flow age, Slip erosion/Landslides, Steam Bank erosion, Methods of Soil conservation: Agronomic methods, Agrostological methods, Light: Stratification in lake water body: Littoral zone, Limnetic zone, Profundal/Abyssal zone, Light intensity, Electromagnetic spectrum, Classification of UV rays, Visible spectrum, Albedo value: Reflection Coefficient, Albus, Albedo of certain surfaces. Video by Unacademy for IAS Preparation. How to prepare for IAS exam, Best IAS Coaching, IAS Civil Services Syllabus, Study Material for IAS Exam, IAS Civil Services Exam, UPSC Preparation, Tips for IAS, Material for IAS Preparation, UPSC Exam Material, IAS How to prepare, Other good resources: Mrunal and Clearias , IAS preparation tips, How to prepare for IAS 2015

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Roman Saini
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Unacademy user
sir question m aap n formula ko n=(360/n) likha h sir wo formula n=(360/thita) hoga n sir plzz btaiye
Amrit Lal
a year ago
Yes😅. Thank you for noticing 😊
Shahana Parveen
a year ago
ok sir thanku 😀
Thank you sir. I request you to make series of multiple choice questions on environment and ecology, because so many ques are asked from this subject.
Akash Jain
3 years ago
yes its there, search it
Shilpi Rajoria
3 years ago
Yes, now its there but at that time it was'nt. Thanks for your information sir.
Akash Jain
3 years ago
i am also an aspirant, dont call me sir...
Atul gupta
2 years ago
Is it 1000mcqs on ecology
Sir, the unit to measure luminous intensity is "Candela" not candle...
Hey Roman, you are awesome man. can you make crash courses in a couple of other subjects as well - say geography, polity or Science and Tech.
Akash Jain
3 years ago
many educators have made it, you can search it
Thnq sir, it help me a lot.. Is it enough for prelims.. Bcs stil i have to cover Art n culture & history.. Sir Pls help me
Akash Jain
3 years ago
follow crash courses in unacademy
How mulching example includes potato? For Potato we normally uproot them, right?
Tarun Singh
3 years ago
yes but upper part of plant is left over field
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