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English grammar (in Hindi)
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Pratiksha Acharya
M.B.A., M.A., B.ed, O'level & youtuber.I m Curious in finding errors and solving problems,learning new things and sharing my knowledge..

Unacademy user
sir please make it in english
so many missspelt words
  1. Practice Sets For UPAssistant Exam

  2. 22. Use the suitable 'Conjunction' to complete the following sentence Both Meenakshi . Suman may come today. (A) but (C) or (B) and (D) if 23. Is 'The man and his wife' in the following sentence a part of subject or predicate? The man and his wife are working in their garden. (A) Predicate (B) Subjedt (C) Both (A) and (B) (D) None of these 4 Daut in tbe correct pronoun in the Reported

  3. 24. Put in the correct pronoun in the Reported speech of the following sentence: The teacher said to the student,"You are late today. The teacher told to the student that was late that day (A) you (C) we (B) they (D) I 25. Complete the following sentence with an appropriate article. Dry these boots in (A) the Sun. (B) an (D) None of these (C) a

  4. (C) noun (D) determiner 27. Write the Feminine form 'Horse (A) mqre (C) dare (B) sheep (D) here 28. Complete the following sentence: There are certain animals which can live both wate (A) on, in (C) inside, on r and land. (B) in, on (D) into, on

  5. 29. Identify the voice in the following sen- tence: A book is written by Neha. (A) Passive (B) Active (C) Passiveor Active (D) None of these 30. Mention a common suitable Prefix to the following words: Generate, press, compose (A) de (C) im (B) un (D) mis