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English Comprehension (in Hindi)
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Pratiksha Acharya
M.B.A., M.A., B.ed, O'level & youtuber.I m Curious in finding errors and solving problems,learning new things and sharing my knowledge..

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  1. Practice Sets For UPAssistant Exam

  2. Read the Comprehension (Poetry) carefully and answer the question: I Build Walls walls that project walls that shield walls that say I shall not yield or reveal who I am or how I fell 21. What is the meaning of word 'yield'? (A) consent (C) defy (B) resist (D) none of these

  3. 2 The Jamuna's waters rush by so quickly, The shadows of evening gather so thickly, Like black birds in the sky... O! If the storm breaks, what will be tide me ? Safe from the lightning where shall I hide 2 me ? Unless Thou succour my footsteps and guide me. Ram re Ram! I shall die." 21. "Like black birds" in the above line is an 2 example of: (A) Simile (C) Oxymoron (B) Metaphor (D) Personification

  4. Read the Comprehension (Poetry) carefully an answer the question: All eyes are fearful of the spotted hawk, whose dappled wingspread opens to a phrase that only victims gaping in the gaze of Death occurring can recite. To stalk; 21. The word that closest in meaning to th word 'dappled' (A) spotted (C) unpatterned (B) plain (D) none of these

  5. Direction (Q. No. 26) Read the Comprehension (Passage) carefully and answer the question: Ravi Verma was born on April 29th, 1848 in Kilimanoor Palace in Kerala. Ravi Verma was brought up in an environment of art and culture At the age of seven he started painting the figures of animals, acts and scenes from daily

  6. fife on the wall with charcoal. As he grew up, he was exposed to the famous paintings of Italian painting. Here he was using indigenous paints made from leaves, flowers. He enhanced his creativity by listening to the music of veterans, watching Kathakali, a folk dance form, going through the manuscripts preserved in ancient families and listening to the artistioc interpretation of the epics. 26. Find a word in the passage which is the opposite of 'minimised'. (A) enhanced (B) reduce (C) decrease (D) lessen