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English Grammar: Active and Passive Voice (in Hindi)
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Active and passive voice

Ravi Kumar
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Unacademy user
Do not just read out slides, and the slides are sometimes also having wrong info. Not helpful and engaging. Please think about it, best wishes for future lectures.
Good video sir g thanks
Ravi Kumar
9 months ago
Good video sir g thanks
Good video sir g thanks
Good video sir g thanks
  1. Active & Passive Voices Active Voice at 7 Passive Voice qaR15TT TZT Active : Mohan writes a letter. Passive: A letter is written by Mohan.

  2. Active Passive TAT Assertive Sentences voice Rule 1 Active Passive T HHT Object Subject 3 Subject Object RIF 3T atT Object Active The policeman has caught the thief. Passive : The thief has been caught by the policeman. Rat policeman Subject 2T policeman by Preposition Object ZEtaF7 thief Subject thief, Object faT T tT

  3. Rule 2, Verb Past Participle ( trTFT) 3 46( str Tense Verb to be (am, is, are, was, were, be, been, being) verb to be Passive Voice

  4. active Passive A snake is killed by him Present Tense Indefinite He kills a snake. He is killing a snake he has killed a snake He killed a snake He was killing a snake. Continuous A snake is being killed by him A snake has been killed by him Perfect Past tense Indefinite A snake was killed by him a snake was being killed by him a snake had been killed by him Continuous He had killed a snake Perfect Future tense Indefinite He will kill a snake A snake will be killed by him A snake will have been killed by him Pefect He will have killed a snake

  5. 1. Active: Hari teaches Mohan. Passive Mohan is taught by Hari. 2. Active They believe me. Passive: I am believed by them 3. Active He is praising me. Passive I am being praised by him. 4. Active: A snake has bitten the child. Passive : The child has been bitten by a snake. 5. Active: The cat killed the mouse. Passive: The mouse was killed by the cat.