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English Grammar: Active and Passive Voice (in Hindi)
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Active and passive voice

Ravi Kumar
You tube channel : Ravi Roy Telegram channel : Ravi Roy

Unacademy user
very nice .sir please continue this course ...thank you soo much for your precious time and efforts!
Good video sir g thanks
Ravi Kumar
a year ago
Good video sir g thanks
Good video sir g thanks
Good video sir g thanks
  1. Active & Passive Voices Active Voice at 7 Passive Voice qaR15TT TZT Active : Mohan writes a letter. Passive: A letter is written by Mohan.

  2. Active Passive TAT Assertive Sentences voice Rule 1 Active Passive T HHT Object Subject 3 Subject Object RIF 3T atT Object Active The policeman has caught the thief. Passive : The thief has been caught by the policeman. Rat policeman Subject 2T policeman by Preposition Object ZEtaF7 thief Subject thief, Object faT T tT

  3. Rule 2, Verb Past Participle ( trTFT) 3 46( str Tense Verb to be (am, is, are, was, were, be, been, being) verb to be Passive Voice

  4. active Passive A snake is killed by him Present Tense Indefinite He kills a snake. He is killing a snake he has killed a snake He killed a snake He was killing a snake. Continuous A snake is being killed by him A snake has been killed by him Perfect Past tense Indefinite A snake was killed by him a snake was being killed by him a snake had been killed by him Continuous He had killed a snake Perfect Future tense Indefinite He will kill a snake A snake will be killed by him A snake will have been killed by him Pefect He will have killed a snake

  5. 1. Active: Hari teaches Mohan. Passive Mohan is taught by Hari. 2. Active They believe me. Passive: I am believed by them 3. Active He is praising me. Passive I am being praised by him. 4. Active: A snake has bitten the child. Passive : The child has been bitten by a snake. 5. Active: The cat killed the mouse. Passive: The mouse was killed by the cat.