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Active and Passive Voice (in Hindi)
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  1. Active & Passive Voices Active Voice at 7 Passive Voice qaR15TT TZT Active : Mohan writes a letter. Passive: A letter is written by Mohan.

  2. Active Passive TAT Assertive Sentences voice Rule 1 Active Passive T HHT Object Subject 3 Subject Object RIF 3T atT Object Active The policeman has caught the thief. Passive : The thief has been caught by the policeman. Rat policeman Subject 2T policeman by Preposition Object ZEtaF7 thief Subject thief, Object faT T tT

  3. Tense Indefinite Continuous perfect Perfect continuous m bein is bein Has been have been as bein ere bein as d bee ill be hall b ll have been Shall have bee

  4. active Passive A snake is killed by him Present Tense Indefinite He kills a snake. He is killing a snake he has killed a snake He killed a snake He was killing a snake. Continuous A snake is being killed by him A snake has been killed by him Perfect Past tense Indefinite A snake was killed by him a snake was being killed by him a snake had been killed by him Continuous He had killed a snake Perfect Future tense Indefinite He will kill a snake A snake will be killed by him A snake will have been killed by him Pefect He will have killed a snake

  5. 1. Active: Hari teaches Mohan. Passive Mohan is taught by Hari. 2. Active They believe me. Passive: I am believed by them 3. Active He is praising me. Passive I am being praised by him. 4. Active: A snake has bitten the child. Passive : The child has been bitten by a snake. 5. Active: The cat killed the mouse. Passive: The mouse was killed by the cat.

  6. 6. Active : She gave me a book. Passive I was given a book by her. Or A book was given to me by her 7. Active The carpenter was making a table. Passive: A table was being made by the carpenter. 8. Active Ramesh had written a letter. Passive : A letter had been written by Ramesh. 9 Active He will help you. Passive: You will be helped by him 10. Active They will have finished the work Passive: The work will have been finished by them.

  7. Note 1. Present Perfect Continuous Past Perfect Continuous Future Perfect Continuous ,T Futur Continuous Tenses Passive Voice Teradd Note 2. Transitive Verbs Passive Voice , Intransitive Verbs Intransitive Verbs Object Passive Voice Note 3. verbs rt Passive Voice by Preposition RT TJFT Prepositions use (a) Surprised astonished, disappointed, distressed, displeased 2T alarmed TRTR Passive voice Active Your intelligence surprised me. Passive : I was surprised at your intelligence.

  8. 3. Active His failure disappointed me. Passive I was disappointed at his failure. 4. Active His defeat distressed me. Passive: I was distressed at his defeat 5. Active : His rude behaviour displeased the teachers. Passive : The teachers were displeased at his rude behavior 6. Active This news alarmed his father Passive His father was alarmed at this news. B) known,obliged--...-to 1.Active Everybody knows Gandhiji Passive: Gandhiji is known to everybody 2. Active He will oblige me. Passive I shall be obliged to him.

  9. Pleased, satisfied, disgusted, charmed, thronged,lined ..with 1. Active My behaviour pleased him. Passive : He was pleased with my behaviour. 2. Active Your work satisfies the officers. Passive The officers are satisfied with your work. 3. Active Her failure disgusted her parents. Passive : Her parents were disgusted with her failure 4. Active Her sweet song charmed the listeners. Passive: The listeners were charmed with her sweet song. 5 Active The students thronged the college hall. Passive The college hall was thronged with the students. 6. Active The passengers lined the booking window Passive: The booking window was lined with the passengers. Aid : disgusted ? thronged tgni (c) Contained interested verbs TETt Passive Voice 'in, Tearki

  10. 2. Active This case interests the lawyers. Passive The lawyers are interested in this case. 3. Active: This book interests me. Passive: I am interested in this book. Note 4. 5 Intransitive Verbs RTT Prepositions anT hat Prepositions HR RA 4T (Verbs) Transitive Verbs 1 Passive Voice Preposition 7RT 1. Active : The girls laughed at me. Passive : I was laughed at by the girls.