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Earthquake (in Tamil)
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Earthquake explained in Tamil

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Kubendran S M
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quake call as what?
Kubendran S M
5 months ago
ஜப்பானிய மொழியில் அதிர்வு என்று பொருள்
thank you sir supper sir********** ERTHQU WORD JAPAN WORD
thank u sir...for good and Crystal clear explanation
super sir.. easy to understand.. 👌👌
earthquake from British language.. I think.. sorry if I am wrong.
  1. Earthquake For UPSC/TNPSC

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  3. Earthquake Earthquake is a sudden shaking of the earth's surface. Focus is the location inside the earth where the earthquake originates. . Epicenter is the point on the earth's surface vertically above the focus of an earthquake. . Earthquake results from the sudden release of pressure which has slowly built up within the earth's crust

  4. . Energy is released in the form of shockwaves known as seismic waves. . The seismic waves can broadly be classified into two types namely Body waves and surface waves. . Body Waves are the waves that travel through the interior of the earth. They are further divided into P or Primary or Compressional waves and S or Secondary or Shear waves

  5. P or Primary or Compressional waves are the fastest seismic waves (6 km/ sec. in the upper crust) * They cause the matter to oscillate forward and backward, parallel to the motion of the seismic wave front. P waves push (compress) and pull (dilate) the rock that they pass through. They pass through all medium

  6. . S or Secondary or Shear waves are slower than the primary waves (3.5 km/sec. in the upper crust). perpendicular to the motion of the wave front. They pass through only solid medium. * They cause matter to oscillate side to side, S waves shear the rock that they pass through.

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  8. . Surface Waves are the waves that travel along the earth's surface. They are slower than body waves. They cause damage during earthquakes. . Love waves shake the ground side to side like S wave Rayleigh waves displace the ground like rolling ocean waves. * The ground rolls forward and up and then down and backwards. This is similar to a p wave but with the extra up-down motion.

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