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Early Vedic Period Part 1
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Early vedic period - 1

Sravani Suragani
I have completed my under graduation. Now I'm preparing for Upsc Exam. I have given state services exam this year...waiting for the results.

Unacademy user
Hello, I had a query. what is article 43 of dpsp. is it : to secure a living wage and decent living standard or to promote cottage industries. kindly clarify. thanks.
Nice but you made a small mistake. Early vedic period was from 1500-1000 B.C but here you wrote it from 1300-1000 B.C. do check the notes before uploading, sometimes typing mistakes can also occur which might confuse the learners. Anyways, the video is nice, brief and informative.
nice lecture mam
is this sufficient for exam plzzz tell me mam
very well taught .to the point.

  2. ABOUT ME This is Sravan. Completed B-TECH in ECE Like it share it -For any queries you can comment on comment section.

  3. VEDIC CULTURE (1500-600)B.C PART-1

  4. INTRODUCTION e Vedic literature is the major source for understanding vedic culture. e Vedic literature contains vedas (4) ,vedangas(6) and upavedas(4)

  5. Vedic culture is divided in to 1.EARLY VEDIC CULTURE (1300-1000)B.C 2. LATER VEDIC CULTURE(1000-600)B.C

  6. ARYANS were the architects of vedic culture - Aryans belong to Nordic race. * Sir William jones established Asiatic Society of Bengal at Calcutta in 1784A.D is considered as the father of indology. Sir WILLIAM JONES was the first to identify the commonality of language used by vedic Aryans with that of Some European and some Asian languages.

  7. Professor MAX MULLER translated vedic literature in to german language. RAMSEY J.MOUIER translated vedic literature in to English with title "Sacred literature of orient"

  8. Advent of Aryans in to INDIA e First traces of Aryans is from mitani (MESSAPATOMIA). From there moved to Perssia Testified by book SZENDAVESTHA From there to AFGANISTHAN proved by BHOGAZKAI inscription. From there they entered in to north west frontier of INDIA