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In this chapter, Binati has discussed five sums.

Binati Sheth
An Avid Reader. A Teacher. An Aid worker. An Engineer (E&C). A Writer. Budding Art Connoisseur. A philomath. A Shōnen Otaku.

Unacademy user
nasht krne wala qstn clear nhi h sir ..
Binati di tysm for all such effort . Its a humble request frm my side that plz come up wid more n more such quant videos
Binati Sheth
a year ago
Ah the course is in the framing stage. I’ll make its sequel for sure :)
Akash Kumar
a year ago
ty :)
hi can u plz tell me in that ordered pair ques y dont we start frm 0
Binati Sheth
a year ago
It’s in small brackets right? (A,B) means X>A and X<B... it’s in square brackets [A,B] means X>=A and X<=B
Akash Kumar
a year ago
ohh okk
Binati Sheth
a year ago
:) Looking at the question properly is where good math students fall in cat
why we are doing like this...(4-2),(7-4)....?
Binati Sheth
a year ago
So Tata switches on at 4 second and switches off after 2 second that is the 6th long will Tata be on (4-2) or 2. Similarly assets are on at 7 sec, and off after 4 sec so it was on for (7-4) or 3 seconds
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  2. ABOUT ME Educator at UnAcademy Aide worker Writer Teach Occasional Japanese Translator Amateur Landscaper, Artist.


  4. The three words "TATA Assets Rock" are flashed such that the words individually are switched on at regular intervals of 4,7 and 9 seconds respectively and after they are switched on, the words are switched off after 2 sec, 4 sec and 5 sec respectvely If at time 'all the words happened to switch off simultaneously, find the least time which all three words will switch on simultaneously. A. 252 sec B. 126 sec C. 94 sec D. 38 sec

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  6. same andl dise The loot dt Mula 2223-3 222 3.30-8000 3331-3332 4446 b4y 555 3- 3555 6660 3530 6663 3666 8se3 3888 :

  7. 0 -12 lo gt-and-the )2 iA .tru 6 @l P2 @a (d) 4 m -n Di 6 6 all we are hft ri i1i the AD

  8. Cx,yan there such that han lo0 546 @) 63s (e logo LD) 946 LD to-:i nigalise Li, 3)138-1 da.. tea lr o, 2.2 pains 21 and Total- 4t3r 473 gYZ

  9. a,b,c,d,e-an-tie ioMA a o wen eurent isen Luem C) a o en io odd odd Leddt odd-even AnonnD