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Number Systems - Part 1


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Binati Sheth

This course is specifically about number systems, concepts and problems. There are a few practice problems which will be there at the end of the course once all the concepts have been explained. This should help you gear up for your CAT preparation.



3 reviews

Kaify aurangzeb

reviewed on Mar 13, 2019

Plz upload more lecture on quant for understanding and given the tricks for remembering

yasharth srivastava

reviewed on Mar 24, 2018

fantasti ma'am......i had nothing to pay but i found it for free .......i cannot let you know how happy i am ..... ...thank you ma'am.........if i got into any top b-school,credit would go to you.......but still for the time being a big thanks to you and lots of applaud for you

kaustubh khamkar

reviewed on Nov 8, 2017

I like your way of teaching. on unacadmay plat form there are very few course for MBA student please make some more videos for MBA student.