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Difficult Questions on AVERAGE: Part 1 (in Hindi)
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This topic contains some difficult questions on AVERAGE All the questions are explained with basic concepts as well as shortest method wherever applicable. All the questions discussed are directly from the previous year's papers, which gives you depth analysis of the pattern of questions that have been asked in previous exams. If you are preparing for CGL exam in which quantitative aptitude is pivot then this lesson will be useful for you.

Harshit Shukla
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Tq soooo much u and u r team....
QID : 31 - The average (arithmetic mean) amount of savings of ten students is Rs. 600. Three of the students have no savings at all and each of the others have at least Rs. 250 including Nihar, who has exactly Rs. 1300. The largest amount, in Rs., that any one student could have is Options: 1) 3250 2) 3450 3) 3650 4) 3850
Harshit Shukla
3 years ago
Opt B is the answer?
yes , please provide full solution
Harshit Shukla
3 years ago
Total savings of 10 students =600*10=6000 Excluding nihal 1300 rs Total savings of 9 students =6000-1300=4700 Three students have no savings Remaining 6 out of which 5 have at least 250 rs.each total 250*5=1250 So the last remaining person may have = 4700-1250 =3450
Did not understand the cricket questions at all as the questions itself were written in Hindi, I am fro South and reading Hindi is not so easy. Kindly write the questions in English so that we may also follow and understand.
Harshit Shukla
3 years ago
Soon this course will be available in ENGLISH. Don't worry
Priyanka Bidari
3 years ago
Thank you so much :) waiting for it!!!!
GK me diya hua hai 30 inning ka average 40 runs .to apnee jbb 2 inning remove kiya to 28 inning me 28 average haiii.but apnee 38 inning liya haiii.its mistake
Harshit Shukla
3 years ago
Yes you are right...its just mistake take 28 as 38..
Liked your Humourous way of explaining questions. Thanks you.
So easy to understand now.
Harshit Shukla
3 years ago
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