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Differentiation Part-I.
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In this lesson I have explained the basics if Differentiation with formulas and Practice problems.

Amrit Lal
Top Physics Educator 80% questions in NEET19 were directly from my lessons. Mentor/Motivator. Author. Youtube- iStart-Education

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Brother.u explained english language disappointed from the discouraged comments....of such people..
(b) 3/2√x+1√2x^3/2 (c) x^2/3+6
Nimisha kerketta
24 days ago
-3/2 power in b question
B] 3/2rootX + root2X^-3/2 C] X^2/3 + 6
Sir ans. of[Q2-(b):- (3/2x^-1/2)- (2/√2x^-3/2) or (3/2√x)-(2/√2x^-3/2)]. & [Q2-(c):- (x^2/3) +(6)].
2-(b):- 3/2√x+1/x√x 2-(c):- 3/8x +6
3/2x^-1/2 +2/√2x^-3/2